how to navigate the long and complicated US vote count

Finally, the US presidential election is about to come. Like most things, preparation to handle such an event is crucial. But in addition, it is just as important to find out what you need to see all the noise after. The clock is ticking.

If you read this article on Monday, there will be only one more day before the campaign for the US presidency (plus hundreds and hundreds of other elected posts across the country) finally ends. Eventually. Much of the energy, time, money, campaign advertising that overwhelms the broadcasts and electronic media and elsewhere will increasingly put the emotional investment, anger and frustration in the rearview mirror. Attention will be focused on the counting – and possible retelling – and the charges, charges and legal disputes over the vote will then be central.

The modern myth in American politics was that on election day the country obeyed from Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, in the first minutes of the big day, until the last voter in distant islands outside Alaska and the farthest corners of Hawaii their own respective say. In achieving this, the people in the various …


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