Total Afcon Cameroon 2021 qualifiers – essential guidelines for resuming competitions and gradual return to stadiums

The CAF Emergency Committee on Friday ratified the specific measures for the resumption of days 3 and 4 matches of the Total Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021 ™ qualifying process.

These rules issued by the organizing committee for the African Cup of Nations, in accordance with the FIFA rules of the game, relate in particular to the conditions for holding matches, the number of authorized substitutes and the conditions for postponing or canceling matches.

Only those cases not provided for by these special COVID-19 rules and in the competition regulations will be considered as exceptional cases, which will be decided by the organizing committee of the competition.

Games and players

Each match must be played if the team has at least eleven (11) players (including a goalkeeper) and four (4) substitutes.

If a team is unable to travel to the host country and / or venue of a match due to any travel or other restriction relating to COVID-19, the team concerned will be deemed to have lost the match 2-0.

– If a team does not need the minimum number of players, at least eleven (11) players (including a goalkeeper) and four (4) substitutes), the team concerned will be considered to have lost the match 2-0.

– The number of authorized substitutes is limited to five (5) players per team. Each team has three opportunities to make these substitutes during the match.

Spectator attendance

– According to CAF’s COVID-19 protocol, all matches must be played behind closed doors, without spectators.

However, if the government of the host association wants spectators to be present, the association concerned will have to obtain CAF’s approval.

In the event of exceptional situations as mentioned above, the organizing committee will be consulted for a final decision.

The purpose of the emergency measures is to oversee the resumption of football on the continent by defining a plan that emphasizes the players and the game. These specific rules can be reviewed according to the development of the health situation in the world and specifically on the continent of Africa.

Total AFCON Cameroon 2021 Qualifiers: Essential Guidelines for Resumption of Competitions and Gradual Return to Stadiums [PDF]


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