Was 2020 really real? or do we all live in a computer simulation?

As a minimum definition requirement, the text for an actual TV series should be well written. If that’s the case, a man who appeared as a wrestler on ‘WWE’ and joked about grabbing women by their genitals could never be elected president of the USA (and would someone who ‘ did a cameo about ‘Gossip Girl’ not having the task of mediating peace (in the Middle East). Such plot twists are the retention of poorly written soaps.

In a damning sign of the time, one of the deepest things anyone told me recently was meant as a joke.

We discussed the philosopher Nick Bostrom’s article Are You Living in a Computer Simulation? Bostrom argues that one of the three statements must be true: either (1) most post-human civilizations are dying out; or (2) most post-human civilizations are not interested in performing computer simulations of their ancestral history; or (3) we live in a computer simulation.

Despite popular interpretations of his argument, it is worth noting that Bostrom does not argue that (3) is the case. In fact, Bostrom explicitly states that ‘given’ the dark forest of our current ignorance, it seems prudent to assign one’s credibility approximately evenly between (1), (2) and …


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