postponement of COP26 – a perceived delay, or climate change?

As the world struggled with the devastating effects of Covid-19 and seemingly evaporated for months into protracted roadblocks, global protests and geopolitical tensions, global climate destruction largely went unnoticed. Yet this equally ominous threat continued at an alarmingly steady pace.

COP26 had to meet in early November from more than 200 countries to address the pressing issues facing the planet’s sustainability. However, the conference was postponed for an entire year to enable world leaders to process the Covid-19 pandemic and, more importantly, focus on America.

The United States plays a crucial role in leading the global charge of defending the planet. As the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions to China, the US needs to commit to net zero. Otherwise, the world will simply not achieve its goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

This commitment requires an administration in the US that actively and openly engages with the scientific community and takes into account the long-term sustainability of its decisions about its constituents locally as well as around the world.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are polarized on this issue. Now it is clear that the health of the …

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