South Africa starts to win, Zimbabwe and Angola draw

Hosts South Africa won their COSAFA Under-17 Championship for men in 2020, following a 2-0 success over Eswatini in their Group A start on Thursday in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Goal kicks in each half from Thabang Mahlangu and Yamkela Phalane sealed the victory for the home side, leading the pool in the early stages.

Striker Mahlangu headed to his head after a teasing cross from Keaviano Francis in 38 minutes.

The lead was doubled in the second period when Phalane was hacked out of the box and then pulled up to convert the penalty he had won and make it 2-0.

Zimbabwe and Angola draw 1-1 in their opening group A, with Zimbabwe taking off Alpha Chiwashira from the penalty spot early after a handball.

The score was tied after another header on the other side, when Domingos was brought into the field just moments before half-time.

The captain, António Lopes, acted to equalize for the Angolans as he drove the ball into the bottom corner.

The action continues on Friday when defending champions Zambia take on the Comoros in their Group B (kicking off at 15:30).

Zambia dominated the trophy in Malawi last year and will also want to set the tone early this time, with a number of players still out of the triumph.

Before that, Malawi (12:30) Botswana will take on the battle in the pool in an important match for both parties who want to think of themselves as a semi-final.

The top two teams in each pool advance to the semi-finals, and the two teams reaching the final also qualify for the CAF Under-17 Cup planned in Morocco.

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Group A

Zimbabwe 1 (Chiwashira 5’pen) Angola 1 (Lopes 45’pen)

South Africa 2 (Mahlangu 38 ‘, Phalane 78’pen) Eswatini 0


Group B

12:30 (10:30 GMT) – Malawi vs Botswana

15h30 (13h30 GMT) – Zambia vs Comoros



South Africa 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 3

Angola 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1

Zimbabwe 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1

Eswatini 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 0


Zambia 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Botswana 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Comoros 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Malawi 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Games Played: 2

Goals achieved: 4

Biggest win: South Africa 2 Eswatini 0 (19 November)

Most goals in a match: 2 – South Africa 2 Eswatini 0 (19 November)


1 goal – Alpha Chiwashira (Zimbabwe), António Lopes (Angola), Thabang Mahlangu (South Africa), Yamkela Phalane (South Africa)


South Africa is already in a position

South Africa has perfectly started the COSAFA U17 Championships for men. On Thursday, the Amajimbos dominated the Eswatini 2-0. Malangu 38 ‘and Phalane 78’ secured the three points in the South African clan.

However, the South Africans will be able to learn the lessons of this first match because they were not online at all. They have in fact tried some difficulties to master their adversary. This last one often showed beautiful things but lacked finesse in the last gesture. The Eswatini finds red lantern from group B.

A point for each. The opening match between Zimbabwe and Angola did not go ahead as planned for both teams. Elles did not score 1-1. A point therefore taken but not sure that this is a good operation.

This match promised to be balanced and this was verified on the green rectangle. D’abord, Zimbabwe is an overt point. Alpha Chiwashira did not tremble at the time of the sanction transformer. It was the 5th minute of the game.

But the Zimbabweans did not take advantage of their superiority to be put to death. On the contrary, they have missed several opportunities to take their distance in the game and the sanction has not been able to attend. In the additional time of the first mid-season, Domingos finds himself on the ground in the unfavorable surface. Taking his responsibilities, Captain Antonio Lopes transformed the penalty without trembling.

A penal history of the entrance therefore and which will oblige the two formations to sort out the big game during their next outing individually.

Group B pensioners take action this Friday for the account of the second day. At 12.30pm, Malawi will be taking part with Botswana. Zambia and the Comoros are clearing this second levy.

It was a pain in the ass, Zambia was placed in the final of this competition. It’s more or less the same team that will be aligned during this competition. The Zambians will be a new team this season to beat this season. They will logically favor the Comoros. These last ones come especially to gain from the good experience that in the course of the previous edition, the young Comorians had obtained a victory and a zero. A performance for the least honorable.

Malawi and Botswana will therefore open the ball. The young zebras did not take part in the previous edition as of 2018, they were all close to being eliminated in the semi-finals, lacking training in favor of a smaller goal difference.

Mokute, Botswana’s trainer, has been making his selection since the start of November. In Nelson Mandela’s Peninsula, the Botswanais only hope to win the regional trophy, but also be one of two finalists to win a place in the African Cup of Nations from at least 17 years 2021. Malawi was completely passed on to his last tournament last year. The Flames hope this time to change the woman.


Africa of the South of Austria and Angola sedeer af

The selections of Zimbabwe and Angola were not for the sake of a ball (1-1), after the inaugural day of the “A” group, referring to the VIII edition of the Sub-17 Infant-Juvenile Masculine Campaign of the Council of Associations of Football of Australia Australia (COSAFA), which will be held today, in the liturgical province of Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa, will take place on December 13th.

Meanwhile, in anfitriã, Africa of the Consul conquests the first three points, then wins the Eswatini by 2-0 goals, thanks to the goals scored by Thabang Mahlangu (38´) and Yamkela Phalane (79´) after conversion of a penalty, naquele which is the second game to play for the same group. As a result, South Africans provisionally have a classification table with three points, followed by Angola (1) and Zimbabwe (1) with the same points.

Refer to that implementation of this event will serve zone qualifications for the African National Championships (CAN) our scales sub-17 and 20, a system that was introduced by the African Football Confederation to ensure that all of them are represented by you.

COSAFA will have two representatives in each of the 12 final teams’ tournaments, which means that teams that qualify for the sub-17 and sub-20 finals will be guaranteed to be in the final stage of the CAN. The idea of ​​the CAF is to guarantee that all the regions of Africa have some representation, as in the case of Occidental Africa, to be superior to four teams, considering that this region is divided into two zones.

As eliminators in both stages and stages have not yet been disputed in the COVID-19 pandemic zone, we will have to conclude by the end of the year. This is the first time that the sub-20 disputed access to the CAN through this route.

Angola was the representative of Africa Australia in CAN sub-17-2019, conducted in Tanzania, since its departure from COSAFA, in the same year, curiously for the first edition to be introduced as eliminators by zones.

Find out that tournament is open constituted by two groups and, as preceded by Regulation of the same, the winner of group “B” will face the second best classified of series “A”, send that, the leader of group “A” will cross as the second best team of the group “B”. Refer also to the fact that the derotadas nas meias-finais, terão have the possibility to win a bronze medal, as they suggest a game of bronze.

Zimbabwe does not offer fingers!

The team from Zimbabwe who contacted us about a title won in 2007, did not win until the second round (2-1) before this adversary in 2018. Elias, he did not know that he did the same, even in the group stage, lost to Eswatini (3-2) and Malawi (5-0). In 2019, the Zimbabweans will not be able to participate.

Embora the Angolan tenham entered at maximum force led to the attack, the selection of Zimbabwe soube provided a moment of infallibility of their adversaries, apos Domingos Mendes ter tocado a bola ma mon dentro da grande área e, na Munro ), bateu sem dificuldades o guarda-redes angolano Cristóvão Catungue. It was 1-0 at the end of the game.

The “Palanquinhas”, the name of the Angolan national team of war, did not cross the braces procuring the erroneous comet, not only did they find a defensive stronghold mounted by Tafadza Mashiri, a Zimbabwe formation technician.

Ainda assim, foi a selection de Angola que mais deu nas vistas. The midfielder André Muhongo, player of the 1st of August and his colleague from the AFA Clube Angola, was the one who showed signs of non-compliance, but we have no contact, we do not see the opposite ball.

When I hope the Zimbabweans hope and, within a quarter of an hour of the additional stage, from the first stage, the Angolan team will go to the goal, our most circulating dances with sovereignty. Enasio Perezo, without intent, found Vicente Domingos inside the zone of rigor and, or Nuusiku Vistoria (Namibia), the juice of the party was not hesitant to end in a penalty shootout.

Na cobrança, António Lopes, the team captain fez as mandam as regras, equaling the marker (1-1). A goal that spewed and relaunched the hope of the Angolan mudar or the rumor of the accentuations.

In addition to the second part, the champions of the 201st edition, will be loaded, available in a flagging situation of goal in minute 53, involving a combined game between Ariclenes António and Vicente Domingos, which is the last that Joseph will not conceive (Zimbabwe).

However, the result of the irreversible jogging game was at the time of the inauguration of Nuusiku Vistoria, arbitration scheduled for the opening of the COSAFA 2020 edition.


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