Nigeria: Unapproved Street Gates – Lagos Issues Seven-Days Ultimatum to Communities

The Lagos State Government has issued a seven-day removal notice to communities with unapproved street gates, to either leave such gates open between 5am and 12:00 midnight or remove them.

The Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde, who issued the notice, explained that gates and structures installed without prior approval from the Ministry of Transportation contravenes the provisions of the State Traffic Laws and Regulations, therefore must be removed within seven days of the given notice.

Oladeinde stressed that the ministry has the regulatory authority in conjunction with Local Government and Community Affairs on the installed gates aimed at enhancing traffic management on the inner roads while protecting lives and property of the affected community.

“During the recent inspection conducted by the Ministry of Transportation, it was discovered that some communities have sited gates on some inner roads to avoid vehicular movement on their streets and this unruly act have contributed to the heavy traffic congestion currently being experienced on our roads on daily basis,” he said.

The commissioner further announced that while it is expected that all street gates across the State be opened from 5am to 12 midnight, the gates must be manned by security personnel engaged by the community or resident association and must be opened for emergency services such as police, ambulance, fire service at all time.

The Special Committee set up by the Lagos State Ministry of Transportation on demolition of gated streets has begun enforcement exercise on the removal of gates across the State that failed to comply with the government’s directive on ‘Gated Streets’ regulation.

Oladeinde urged communities with government approval for installation of gates on their streets to come forward with their documents for onward review and necessary approvals, failure of which the Special Committee would have to remove such street gates.

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