Somalia: Puntland Expresses Worry About Amends to the Federal Constitution of Somalia

Garowe, Somalia — Reiterating the region’s historical commitment to a federated, consensus-driven political structure, Puntland has issued a strong caution against recent proposed modifications to the Somali Transitional Constitution.

The remarks come amid escalating conflict over constitutional changes between the federal government of Somalia and the semi-autonomous province.

A major influence on the post-conflict government of Somalia has been Puntland. A comprehensive Somali delegation secured an agreement that resulted in the approval of the Transitional Constitution in 2012.

Puntland restated in the statement that no one could unilaterally alter Somalia’s federal, democratic, multiparty system.

The National Consultative Forum (NCC) modifications, according to Puntland officials, went against the cooperative spirit meant for the country’s recovery and governance by excluding Puntland’s participation.

Proposals that deviate from agreed-upon constitutional frameworks and some believe jeopardize national unity and Islamic precepts are among the contentious revisions.

The Puntland government has expressed disapproval of the Somali Parliament’s ongoing efforts to amend the constitution, claiming that fundamental provisions are being changed without agreement and that this is weakening the agreements on federalization, reconciliation, and power-sharing that have been created.

Puntland asserts that it has initiated talks with the Federal Government of Somalia, a step that has been praised by other political personalities and past leaders but is presently being disregarded by the president in office.

The pleas for discussion made by the regional government center on preserving the integrity of the federal system, national unity, and the agreed-upon interim constitution.


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