Liberia: Former Liberian President George Weah Nominated for Prestigious Chatham House Prize

Monrovia — In a notable recognition of Liberia’s strides toward democracy and peace, former President George Weah (2018-2024) has been nominated for the esteemed Chatham House Prize for the year 2024. The nomination comes in acknowledgment of President Weah’s graceful concession following Liberia’s 2023 elections, marking a significant milestone in the nation’s democratic journey.

The Chatham House Prize, established by The Royal Institute for International Affairs at Chatham House in London, honors individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of international relations. President Weah finds himself among four distinguished nominees, a testament to his pivotal role in fostering stability and democratic principles in Liberia and beyond.

President Weah’s dignified acceptance of defeat after the 2023 polls is hailed as a beacon of hope in a region marred by historical civil unrest. His measured response facilitated Liberia’s second peaceful transfer of power in over seven decades, setting a positive example for democratic transitions across West and Central Africa and resonating globally.

The selection process for the Chatham House Prize is rigorous, involving input from senior research teams and deliberation by co-presidents Rt Hon Helen Clark and Baroness Manningham-Buller, culminating in a vote by the Chatham House membership. Past recipients of the award include notable figures such as former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Director and Chief Bronwen Maddox of Chatham House extended congratulations to President Weah for his nomination, underscoring the significant impact of his leadership on international relations. The nomination serves as a recognition of President Weah’s dedication to fostering peace, stability, and democratic values, not only within Liberia but also on a broader global stage.

For further information on the Chatham House Prize and its nominees, interested parties are encouraged to visit the organization’s website at or contact the Director’s Office at [email protected].

President Weah’s nomination stands as a testament to Liberia’s ongoing journey toward democracy and underscores the importance of statesmanship and peaceful political transitions in shaping a more stable and prosperous world.


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