Uganda: Bobi Wine Suspends Mpuuga From Deputy President Position

The leader of the National Unity Platform (NUP), Robert Kyagulanyi, alias Bobi Wine, has suspended Mathias Mpuuga from his position as Deputy President Central Region with immediate effect.

“In accordance with Articles 6.3 (h) and 7.1 (e) of the Party Constitution,” Kyagulanyi said in a statement.

“I hereby suspend you from the position of Deputy President of the National Unity Platform for Central Region with immediate effect, and accordingly refer the matter to the National Executive Committee for further action.”

The decision to suspend Mpuuga comes as a result of corruption allegations leveled against him.

Kyagulanyi specifically referred to an incident that took place on May 6, 2022, during Mpuuga’s tenure as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament.

During a meeting involving Mpuuga and three NRM-nominated Parliamentary Commissioners, Kyagulanyi revealed that an allocation of 1.7 billion Ugandan Shillings was made under the guise of “Service Awards.” It was alleged that Mpuuga personally received an allocation of 500 million Shillings.

“This act of corruption and abuse of office violated numerous laws, including Section 9(1) of the Leadership Code Act (2002),” Kyagulanyi stated, emphasizing that Mpuuga’s actions contradicted the party’s vision, mission, and objectives, as well as the Party Constitution’s provisions on accountable leadership and maintaining the party’s reputation.

Mpuuga had previously vowed to resist internal intrigues and manipulations within NUP that could hinder the party’s growth.

In response to mounting pressure and calls for his resignation, Mpuuga accused certain elements within the party of orchestrating a deliberate and well-funded campaign to tarnish his reputation.

Despite facing persistent attempts to undermine his work, he maintained his commitment to serving above personal interests and prioritizing the restoration of integrity in national and party politics.

Recent developments within the NUP saw the National Executive Committee meeting on March 15, 2024, passing a resolution to recall Mpuuga from the Parliamentary Commission due to allegations of corruption, dishonesty, and abuse of office.

The NUP accused Mpuuga of engaging in corrupt practices and abuse of office when, together with the NRM Parliamentary Commissioners, they irregularly allocated themselves 1.7 billion shillings under the pretense of “Service Awards” during Mpuuga’s tenure as the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Mpuuga personally received 500 million shillings from this allocation.

The NUP demanded that Mpuuga return the money, issue an apology to the Ugandan people, and step down as a Commissioner of Parliament. However, Mpuuga has not fulfilled these requests.

On March 18, 2024, the NUP Secretary General, David Lewis Rubongoya, wrote to Speaker Among, informing her that the Party’s National Executive Committee had decided to withdraw Mpuuga’s nomination and subsequently recalled him from the position of Commissioner of Parliament.

Mpuuga was replaced by Francis Zaake, the lawmaker representing Mityana Municipality.

Speaker Among responded, stating that the NUP does not have the authority to recall Mpuuga from the Parliamentary Commission.

She explained that Parliamentary Commissioners are elected by Parliament according to the law, and the role of political parties is limited to nominating candidates for the election.

In recent media interactions, Mpuuga expressed his determination to remain within the party while criticizing its lack of direction and inability to guide disheartened members.

He highlighted the party’s indifference towards significant events, such as the renewal of Electoral Commission Commissioners.

Mpuuga outlined his vision for the NUP, promising to address issues such as nepotism, corruption, and lack of internal democracy through a reform process.


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