Zimbabwe: Chihumbiri Farm Reeling After Brother Kills Siblings in Sleep, Claims Intruder Threat

Chihumbiri farm, located more than 40 kilometers from Bindura, is in shock after a 25-year-old man, Alistair Samhere, allegedly killed his teen siblings in cold blood.

The incident occurred at night while the victims, 17-year-old Leslie and 13-year-old Elsie, were asleep.

The close-knit community is grappling with shock and confusion over Samhere’s motive.

According to reports, the attack also occurred in the presence of Samhere’s five-year-old brother, who miraculously escaped unharmed.

Village head Radzire expressed his deep disturbance over the incident.

“Neighbours informed us about a call regarding intruders at the house. They found the boy murdered in his room and the girl in hers. This incident has deeply shaken the community,” Radzire told NewZimbabwe.com.

Radzire further stated that Samhere claimed he was instructed to commit the murders by dreadlocked intruders who threatened to kill him if he refused.

“When we asked him what had happened during the night, Allaster could not explain exactly what had happened to the siblings. He said he saw two men who instructed him to commit the murder,” he said.

Upon the divorce of his parents Samhere assumed parental duties of his siblings who he had taken care of since 2018.

Samhere was apprehended to the police by the community after discovering stains of blood on his hands and an axe he had hid some distance from the crime scene.

“When I visited him at the prison he could not speak as to the motive of his murder. He is crying endlessly. Yes, a chance to speak to him is being given by the authorities but soliciting a reason for why he killed his siblings is difficult. After committing murder he called his father alerting him of what he had done. We are waiting for the post mortem,” said a close relative.

Samhere appeared before a Bindura Magistrate and was remanded in custody until next week.


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