Liberia: Cummings Takes Campaign to Grand Cape Mount

-Gets rousing welcome

Citizens of Sinje, Kinjor, Lofa Bridge and Gold Camp in Grand Cape Mount County, turned out in mass on Thursday, September 7, and accorded rousing welcome to the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and entourage.

Cummings accompanied by his Vice Standard Bearer, Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine held town hall meetings in the respective towns with hundreds of citizens in attendance and lamented the deplorable living conditions of rural dwellers, due to lack of basic essential social services.

Elders, youth and women groups said with huge extraction of gold, diamond, and other natural resources, citizens are lingering in abject poverty and accused companies operating in the country of unfair labor practices, with no remedial action taken by government.

Cummings empathized with the plight of the citizens and said changing the inept and corrupt administration of President George Weah is necessary for Liberians to reap and equally benefit from the country’s resources.

Cummings received the traditional welcome with white chicken and kola nuts from citizens of Kinjor

Earlier Cummings expressed gratitude for the massive turnouts and warm receptions accorded him in the towns visited, and reaffirmed his commitment upon his election, to restoring good governance and ensuring that the country’s resources are used for the greater good of society.

In Kinjor, Cummings and entourage were met upon arrival by hundreds of citizens, accorded the usual traditional welcome with white chicken and kola nuts, and entertained by mask dancers.

Elders, youth and women groups including market women, and Southeasterners from Grand Gedeh, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Rivercess, Rivergee and Maryland Counties, pledged their unwavering support and solidarity for the Presidential bid of the CPP come October 10.

CPP Vice Standard Bearer, Counsellor Charlyne Brumskine addressing the crowd, made passionate plead to Liberians not to allow the selfish interest of any politicians including President George Weah to supersede their strong desires for a better life.

Counsellor Brumskine traced her strong ties to Grand Cape Mount County through her fiancé and said her election as Vice President of Liberia, will bring immense benefits to the County.

She made passionate pleas to Liberians, especially women and girls of voting age to consider her as one of their kind who will advocate and stand for the cause of women in Liberia.

Counsellor Brumskine said however, Liberians have three choices in the October 10 elections, either to stay in the current miserable and deplorable state go back to the 12 years of strides and deprivation, or decide to change the life of suffering and poverty by voting for a competent, qualified, and responsible leadership as the CPP, committed to real that will better the life of the vast majority.

The CPP Standard Bearer assured citizens of his genuine commitment to institute policy and economic measures that will improve the living conditions of Liberians, restore basic infrastructures including good roads, electricity, pipe-born water, and improve the health care educational and systems.

In Lofa Bridge, Cummings held town hall meetings with hundreds of citizens including elders, women, youth, religious and motorcycle groups, who also spoke of the economic challenges and lack of basic social services in rural Liberia.

They pledged their unflinching support and solidarity for the CPP Presidential bid and hope a Cummings leadership will not disappoint and neglect them as other past and present administrations have done.

Cummings reaffirmed his sincere commitment to change Liberia, stop the widespread sufferings, fix basic infrastructures, and ensure even redistribution of the country’s resources and wealth for greater good of the Liberian society.

He empathized with citizens of Grand Cape Mount County, blessed with abundance of natural resources and beautiful beaches, and said it is totally unacceptable for the huge public outcry of suffering and extreme poverty.

Cummings and entourage also visited Gold Camp, where citizens spoke of the same difficult economic challenges facing rural dwellers and the need for new leadership that will ensure the country’s resources and wealth are used for the greater good of society.

The CPP Standard Bearer ended his over eight hours of intense campaign in Gold Camp, Gola Konneh District, and returned to Sinje where he spent the night and continues today, Friday to Bomi County.

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