Liberia: Weah Begs District #3 Voters

Incumbent President George Manneh Weah has pleaded with potential voters in Montserrado County Electoral District #3 not to reject him again as he seeks reelection.

In his campaign tour Thursday, 17 August 2023, Mr. Weah begged voters to vote for more developments so he can leave a legacy.

President Weah and his campaign team rallied Montserrado Electoral Districts 2 and 3 on Thursday but received a low turnout. The districts are thought to be opposition Unity Party (UP) strongholds.

The reception Mr. Weah received in Districts 2 and 3 was contrary to the way he was embraced in his initial campaign activities in Monsterrado County Electoral Districts 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9.

In these districts, Mr. Weah and his entourage received a rousing welcome from supporters.

But he had a poor reception on Thursday, 17 August 2023 in Districts 2 and 3 where he was greeted by a handful of supporters.

Supporters had a poorly attended campaign match with President Weah from Neezo Junction to the Jacob Town Sports Pitch where he held an interaction with citizens and begged them to support his bid for a second term.

Residents in District #3 repeated the poor reception Mr. Weah received in District #2 when he and his entourage matched from the Pipeline Supermarket Road to the Dr. Henry Reeves Football Field.

Despite the low turnout, Mr. Weah pleaded with residents to support his quest for a second term to enable him to continue developing the country.

Mr. Weah bragged that he’s the best president the country has ever had, stressing his wish for leaving a development legacy in the minds of the people if he’s re-elected.

Addressing voters at the Dr. Henry Reeves Sports Pitch in Monsterrado Electoral District #3, President Weah passionately pleaded with voters not to reject him again.

He lamented that voters in that district have constantly turned down his quest for elected power.

“District #3 I’ve come again to you. Let me give you a narrative of how we must appreciate one another,” Weah began his plead with voters.

“I want you to know when I was running for Senator of Montserrado County, I came here and you did not give me your mandate, but I still did not give up and won the election,” Weah continued.

He explained that while serving as a Senator, he returned to the district along with former National Port Authority Managing Director Bill Tweahway and they build a school in the district so that the residents can have access to education.

“Again in 2017, I came to you to vote for me as your President, and most of you did not vote for me, but it did not stop me from building your roads and giving you free WASSCE [West African Senior School Certificate Examination] fees and free education,” he told the residents.

“I just want to let you know I love you unconditionally, “Mr. Weah added.

President Weah noted that he has returned to the district again to ask the people of Montserrado County Electoral District #3 to vote him into power for a second term to continue developments for the nation.

He pleaded with them not to reject his presidential bid, emphasizing that he’s a president of the people and he wants to leave a legacy behind.

“District Number Three, I’ve Come to you again, this time I’m not angry at you because you have rejected me throughout,” he said.

“We are all friends and families, this time around I’ve come. The only thing I am going to tell you is to join those of your friends who give us power in 2017 to give us our second term to leave a legacy that you will all remember,” President Weah said.

He promised District #3 that if the voters vote for him and if he’s elected, unprecedented developments will come to the district.

He pledged his commitment to developing the district.

“People of District Three, I’m not a stranger to you, and you can follow my track record. Of all [that] I’ve done for you, so please I’ve come asking you for a second term to continue with more developments for you to enjoy.”

Mr. Weah bragged that his government has done much in a short time, including building roads, hospitals, providing free tuition for students in public universities and colleges, among others.

He alleged that his government has done more than what the administration of the former Unity Party (UP) government did in 12 years.

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