Liberia: Weah Gets Rural Women’s Endorsement

Nimba County — More than five thousand rural women from Zoe-Gweh, Nimba County have endorsed the 2nd term bid of President George Weah.

The women of Zoe-Gweh gathered in Bahn City, Nimba on Sunday, September 3rd and endorsed the re-election of President Weah, to enable him carry out more developmental activities across the country.

The head of the women’s groups, Madam Lydia Menwon, said Liberians stand to benefit more from the Weah administration in terms of development so he should be reelected.

She points to a modern school being constructed in Bahn district, pavement of roads across the country and recent donation of school buses to various institutions in Nimba, among others as reasons that motivated them to come out to support President Weah.

According to Madam Menwon, the people of Zoe-Gweh are currently benefiting the cross-border electricity program under the Weah administration.

Another official of the women’s group, Madam Mamie Gbelee, praised the President for being a strong supporter of women in the country.

She said they are not ungrateful to President Weah for what he has done for the people of Nimba and the entire Liberia.

“We as rural women will continue to support President George Weah to enable him to achieve his dream of developing this oldest African country called Liberia; those who are going against our President, George Weah, like them wait small for him to finish his good leadership”, the women maintained.

Zoe-Gweh youth chair, Joe K. Giah, on behalf of young people of the area toward the re-election of President Weah.

The ceremony was graced by several women groups and local institutions, including chief elder, Samuel O. Philip and Madam Mary Massaquoi, head of district#4 rural women, who are in full support of the reelection of the CDC Standard Bearer.

Chief Philip commended the Zoe-Gweh women for coming out in huge numbers to endorse the President for second term.

“Your decision today was not a mistake but rather a good and real one to do, so that the world, including Liberians, can know what is going on”, he said.

At the forum, a prominent businessman in Bahn and strong supporter of President Weah, Prophet Elijah Wonlea, said his presence at the gathering will encourage more voters to change their minds and join him in supporting the re-election of Mr. Weah.

“I’m currently working with the rural women of Zoe-Gweh to change the narration of votes in the county; we will not vote because you from the county, but rather President George Weah, who has impacted the lives of every Liberian, including Nimbaians, so we are coming in to support him so that he can continue with his development.”

Also speaking, CDC deputy campaign manager for Nimba and County Inspector, Mack Gblinwon and Senatorial Candidate Roland G. Duo, thanked the women for building such convenience in the leadership of President Weah.

He noted that the women’s resolve to give Weah a second chance in office, clearly indicates they believe in the administration.

“Don’t vote for any of them from Nimba County, but rather President George Weah, who has the heart and love, compared to the rest of them in the race,” he urged.

Gblinwon continued that the Nimba people’s votes should not be shared with others, but only with CDC representative candidates alongside Senatorial Candidate Roland G. Duo, and incumbent President George Weah so that the ruling establishment can complete its commitment to the people of Liberia.

Senatorial Candidate Duo has promised to unite the people of Nimba if elected in October.

“I want to be your Senator, who will speak for the county and help to impact the lives of Nimbaians, including good representations, among others”, Duo said.

He noted that President Weah can’t work along but needs his presence and the presence of others.

According to him, the pending elections will tell the world if the people of Nimba are grateful or not.

At the same time, he accused Senator Prince Johnson for not seeking the welfare of Nimbaians, but rather his personal interest.

“Such a leadership is not good for this county, you know many developments, including opportunities have been coming in this county, but Senator Johnson has not been able to allow Nimbaians to benefit”, he alleged, and added, “If I’m elected, I will be your godson not father.”

Meanwhile, county campaign manager Gblinwon is urging women of Nimba to get out there to rally more votes for President George Weah, noting that women are persuasive than their male counterparts.


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