Nigeria: Why I Was Afraid to Marry Jumobi – RMD

Richard and Jumobi have been married for 23 years and have two children.

Nollywood star Richard Mofe-Damijo, popularly known as RMD, has revealed why he was afraid to marry his wife, Jumobi Adegbesan.

If you were an avid AIT fan in the late 1990s and early 2000s, you most likely have seen her anchor the popular program ‘Lunch Break.

Jumobi would eventually leave the show to follow her other pursuits. At that time, one of the interests she decided to pursue was building a family with RMD.

Richard and Jumobi have been married for 23 years and have two children. However, before his marriage in 2000, RMD married the late Nigerian journalist/publisher May Ellen-Ezekiel (MEE).

She died in 1996 from surgery complications.

In a recent interview with comedian Teju Babyface, the 62-year-old actor revealed why he was initially reluctant to marry Jumobi, citing an unusual reason.

While recalling instances where she showed him acts of kindness before their marriage in 2000, he said, “I was terrified to marry her because she was too nice. I told her I hope you won’t change when I marry you. She said no. I told her that if she changed, I would kill myself because she was so good. Before we married, I told her that my biggest problem was that I didn’t deserve to marry her.”

The actor, also a former Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Delta State in 2009, narrated a specific instance where Jumobi came to his house before they married. She met some women there, but her reaction baffled him.

He said, “I’m like, why are you so nice? I don’t get it! Why don’t you say something? I was really afraid to marry her.”

Richard further disclosed that at the lowest point in his life, he would apologise to her, and her reactions always build more responsibility for him to slow down and cherish her more.


During the interview, RMD admitted how hard it is to be faithful in marriage, describing women as ‘Delilah’ and ‘Jezebels’.

The actor said that these days, most married male celebrities are often the target of desperate young women who aim to lure them into infidelity.

The 62-year-old actor noted that the temptations from these women can be irresistible if one is not careful.

He said, “Being faithful is hard. You know, being in the line of work that we do, it’s tough because let’s face it. Every one of us that is married we are the target. “I mean, look at how women are. How can you escape it? Women are like Delilah. They are like Jezebel. They prepare.”

The actor, who is a theatre arts graduate, said that the only way one can perpetuate the real intentions of the enemy is to constantly aim at the image of God or the symbol of authority in any home.

“You shoot him down. It’s like a general in the army, then the battalion scatters. Their mission is to take down the head of the house.”


However, when asked how a wife is supposed to deal with the side chics aiming for husbands, RMD said that the man has to get to the point where his wife understands what she is up against as well.

He noted that if the wife is not up to speed, his flanks would be left open, and it would be easy to attack.

The host further asked why women quickly divorce their husbands when they cheat, even if it’s once.

The actor noted that these marriages always end because the women do not understand the role they play in the situation.

“It is not a competition; it’s a partnership. They are not grounded enough. They have to understand the concept of what they are involved in.”

In comparison to how animals protect their territories, he said the couple, mainly the women, should be able to do the same.

Escaping scandals

Scandals are one thing celebrities are well known for, particularly as regards their marriage and relationships.

During the podcast discussion, Teju Babyface asked the actor how he has managed to maintain minimal scandals throughout his career.

RMD noted that he smiles through it all and tries to be civil because there are pitfalls like mine set around a person. So, one has to be very careful.

He said, “You tread carefully, and if you manage to tread carefully long enough, you master it. It becomes a dance, you know.”

He likened his lifestyle to the famous boxer Mohammed Ali, who was once asked how he had managed to remain a champion, and he said he started by avoiding women and clubs.

“So, I avoid the clubs as well. I go when it is essential. I’m out of town if it’s not work or I’m not entertaining people. I just enjoy my time with a close circle of friends who protect my flags. I’m sure to leave there safe no matter what happens,” he explained.

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