Africa flourishes – the English crisis in Cameroon

The Anglophone problem in Cameroon is often described as the evolution of Anglophone consciousness from the feeling that they have been marginalized, exploited and homogenized by the Francophone-dominated state and even the Francophone population.

The failure to promote the rule of law and democracy creates an environment for conflict, which is often exacerbated by marginalization, discrimination, inequality and inequality.

The bitterness of citizens provoked by violence is usually entrenched in lack of basic services and public infrastructure, corruption, lack of personal and economic security and lack of transparency and accountability of the government towards its citizens. The biggest problem of African countries is therefore the failure to protect the economic, political, social and cultural problems of their people. This year, 2020, was damaged by a series of human rights violations from Lagos to Kumba. Africa is flourishing.

On October 24, 2020, at least eight children were killed and dozens wounded by a group of armed men at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Kumba, in the southwestern region of Cameroon. There have been many attacks in Cameroon since 2016. However, these attacks have increased dramatically.

Since the start of the English crisis in Cameroon in 2016, hundreds of …


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