‘CRUST Best in Ghana, 12th in Africa’

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has been named the best university in the country by the US News and World Report rankings for 2021.

The US News and World Report is a multi-platform organization that evaluates and evaluates universities based on their research performance and rating by members of the global academic community.

KNUST, in a press release signed by Dr Daniel Norris Bekoe, the University’s liaison officer, said that the university also ranks 12th in Africa and has beaten more than 40 universities in Africa.

The statement noted that KNUST achieved a global score of 48.2 compared to the previous year’s score of 42.4, which could take the 12th position in Africa and the University of Casablanca Hassan in Morocco, the University of Makerere in Uganda and the Ain Shams University in Egypt which achieved the 13th, 14th and 15th position respectively, with KNUST higher than the University of Ghana which achieved the 24th rank.

“The University also made an improvement in research with a total of 1,075, an improvement on last year’s score of 1,044, a regional research of 20 and 1,522 publications.

“The University has also published 1,332 books, presented 1,564 articles at various conferences, 16 consequences for listed citations and a total of 945 citations,” the statement said.

In addition, KNUST obtained 1,336 publications that were among the 10 percent cited papers, 852 percent of the total publications were among the 10 percent most cited, 885 of the highly cited articles were among the top 1 percent and 166 percent of the highest cited papers were among the top 1 percent most cited.

The statement also added that KNUST Medical School was ranked 264th in the world in terms of clinical medicine and achieved an overall score of 55.5.

“The Schools also achieved the global research reputation of 591, the local research reputation of 23, Clinical Medicine publications of 856 articles, the Clinical Medicine’s normal impact of 15 and the total citations of 405,” the statement read.

KNUST, in terms of co-operation, had 477 international co-operation relations in relation to the country and 23 international co-operations. “This latest ranking has placed the KNUST as the best and most prestigious University in Ghana”, reads the statement.


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