Taking a Crisis to Raise a Community – Makers Valley Partnership Grows with Public Support

Earlier this year, the hard lockdown of Covid-19 brought hunger and hardship everywhere in poor communities. But active citizens have risen in solidarity and empathy with their neighbors and started kitchens, food gardens and other activities to build the cohesion of the community. Six months later we look back on the progress that one of them has made.

In July, Maverick Citizen reported on the ‘welfare economy’, the network of opportunity that has grown as members of the Makers Valley Partnership (MVP) in Johannesburg city center have done their best to meet the needs of the local community. Since then, according to Thobile Chittenden, the CEO of the MVP, there has been a significant interest and awareness around the need for food security in our community, but also excitement and interest around the models used ‘.

One of the highlights was the recognition by Radio 702 and the Dis-Chem Foundation, which led to the projects being presented at 702 and a generous grant of R10,000 per month from the Dis-Chem Foundation, of which R5 , 000 is a proof of purchase for goods from Dis-Chem.

“We spent the first Dis-Chem voucher at Saturday / Friday’s Recycling Swop Shop, which will be equipped with sanitary napkins, toothpaste and other personal hygiene products,” reports MVP …


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