Mondia launches Monsooq ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ digital content platform in South Africa, but plans to launch in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Kenya

London – The emergence of the mobile industry was the moment that prepaid calls were implemented. Users with no secure income but relatively small amounts of money can become customers if they have money. Mondia launched a content platform this week that could potentially become the ‘pre-pay’ moment for digital content in Africa. Russell Southwood spoke to Paolo Rizzardini, CCO, Mondia, about his plans.

Mondia came up with the idea for its’ Pay-As-You-Go ‘digital content platform just 8 months ago:’ We analyzed the data of the African market and realized how difficult it was to get African subscribers into a US or to earn European money. ‘ -you-can-eat-subscription. “

“We have been looking for a model that can work for the African consumer. We know that they are interested in content and that they are increasingly more and more smartphones. Therefore, we said that we can give them a one-stop shop in a comfortable way. You can buy a bucket of entertainment time. ‘

Monsooq is currently a web portal, but will move to an app as the number of users increases. The portal has four categories: watch, listen, play (online games) and read. It was only launched on Monday, but the Watch and Play categories are currently getting the attention.

The service was launched on Monday (November 9) in South Africa at R2 (US13 cents) for 30 minutes. Content principles are the goal of having half-and-half local and international content. Currently, the content portfolio feels a bit thin, but Mondia promises some important content announcements before Christmas, and they will add even more: “We have 50 content partners that we are currently integrating.”

Content providers will spend 50% of their revenue on their content on a monthly basis. Mondia has its own dedicated content team and would love to hear from African content owners.

The currently available content includes the South African lifestyle channel Viva Nation TV; Weflix, a Netflix-style platform; Indian Bollywood platform Epic On; music content from Universal Music; and e-sports content. The launch was based on the purchase time of the user on a card or coupon. The latter can give just as much free time as loyalty rewards by sponsors to users.

Mondia’s biggest strength is its relationship with MNOs, of which it uses more than 80 of its other services including Vodafone, Telefonica and Vodacom. In time, it will persuade some of these customers to integrate transport bills into Monsooq.

It talks to MNOs about “content + data” bundles that can be sold and also given as part of a SIM start-up package: “We help operators make money in a fragmented market and see them as strategic partners in terms of “The MNOs we spoke to are excited and see this as an innovative approach. It’s a new way to engage with their customers.”

If the launch in South Africa goes well, Monsooq will be rolled out in Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Kenya: ‘Our first milestone is 1 million users and we have sub-milestones based on the involvement in the KPI content that we will be doing. in June. ‘Mondia eventually wants to see Mondia become a’ super-app ‘with a greater number of other applications.


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