Firm unveils platform to promote agriculture in Nigeria, Africa

As part of its quest to leverage technology to improve seamless data collection, a Nigerian company, Artificial Intelligence (AI), AirSmat Limited, has launched a software platform with AI development to help farm owners and helping other corporate organizations access practical information that will increase cost-effectiveness, improve their business operations, and improve their profitability.

At the virtual launch in Lagos, the company announced that the products, SmatCrows, SmatAI, SmatSat and SmatMapper are the first of its kind that enable predictable improved crop yields for farm corporations.

AirSmat chief technology officer Adeoluwa Ibukunle said during the launch: “Our SmatCrows software app is built to fly drones autonomously; drones serve as a vehicle to collect aerodrome data that is automatically captured on our SmatPortal for processing. using machine learning features that work on a GPU computer. Our SmatSat provides historical forecasting and real-time intelligence such as soil temperature, moisture, humidity, NDVI to our customers.

He added: “Our SmatAI analysis analyzed captured data to obtain useful intelligence, such as the crop on the farm, weed detection, among other possible plant diseases.”

He said with the software solution, farm owners can also quickly get information that will help them decide on the type of crops provided with the soil temperature and moisture content information by the SmatSat capabilities.

“AirSmat is on a mission to help customers make smarter business decisions, prepare for the predicted drought, weed infestation or disease infection, which can be easily accessed with the click of a button. General operations around the world are getting smarter, “the agricultural sector must also benefit from the digital transformation; we refuse to leave agriculture behind,” Ibukunle emphasized.

In her remarks, the Vice President, Operations, AirSmat, Uche Olukoju expressed joy at the launch of the services to help farmers in Nigeria and other African countries with a technological solution that will encourage smart farming.

“In the face of technological disruption, many farms and agribusinesses are beginning to use technology in their operations because of its significant impact on productivity and efficiency. We help farmers collect data using drones, analyzing the date using ‘ an AI-powered platform and to share intelligent analysis with farmers throughout the planting season.

“With our approach of capturing and capturing data on our platform, processing it using analytics will help businesses gain insight to increase productivity,” Olukoju explained.

To promote the acceptance of the service offering, the Vice President announced that AirSmat has launched a one-month SmatSat-free subscription plan that will enable potential and prospective customers to record the offers for a trial run and for subsequent used to the operational efficiency and crop yield.

AirSmat is a software company based on the belief that drones will shape the future. The company aims to provide leading-edge software solutions to fast-growing industries that use drones in day-to-day operations, by transforming the way businesses collect, manage and interpret drone data. The company wants to help the company unlock the power of drone data.


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