AFRAA harps on airline collaboration

The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) concluded its 52nd Annual General Meeting with a call on airlines to take specific measures to increase resilience and emerge stronger after the crisis. The Assembly further called for a multisectoral and pragmatic approach by governments and stakeholders to support the recovery of air transport industry and related sectors such as tourism, hosted by TAAG Angola Airlines, held in virtual format under the theme: “Redefining of air transport for a new era “.

The Assembly brought together the top executives of African airlines, industry partners, leaders of international and local air transport associations, including the African Union, IATA, ICAO, AFCAC, TIACA and more than 400 delegates from 76 nationalities around the world.

The Minister of Transport of Angola, Mr. Ricardo de Abreu, as lead guest, said: “We are aware of the role that aviation plays in facilitating trade and growing our economies. If we navigate these times together, we will try to emerge from this pandemic more resilient, organized and determined to succeed. ‘

A comprehensive analysis of the industry’s prospects for 2021 and beyond, proposed in the annual report of AFRAA, noted that the recovery of traffic in Africa is expected to begin in the domestic market. Intra-African routes are expected to follow, while international traffic is expected to take more time to reach pre-crisis levels due to a challenging operating environment.


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