the African Development Bank’s investments are transforming the continent, exploiting the economic potential and developing development – 2020 Ader reportAfrikaans Development Bank 20.3 million people benefit from improvements in agriculture (47% women) 3,919 km feeding roads that have been rehabilitated or built20-nov. From agricultural processing initiatives to energy, transport and water and sanitation services, transformative investments by the African Development Bank are paving the way for unlocking Africa’s economic potential, according to the 2020 Annual Development Effectiveness Review (ADER) released on Friday. Read more “

20.3 million people benefit from improvements in agriculture (47% women)

3 919 km of roads that have been rehabilitated or built


From the agricultural processing initiatives to energy, transport and water and sanitation services, transformative investments by the African Development Bank pave the way for unlocking the economic potential of Africa, according to the 2020 Annual Review of Developmental Effectiveness (ADER), Released Friday.

The report, which analyzes the Bank’s contribution to the development of Africa in 2019, is the theme of building resilient African economies.

“Our goal has been and always will be to transform Africa through investments that make a difference to those who need it most. We are a bank that invests in people,” said Bank President Akinwumi Adesina. “People are our core business. Their quality of life is our greatest return!”

The annual report uses the framework of the bank’s performance measurement to measure its performance, to reflect on the achievements and areas in which it can strengthen its effectiveness in achieving its high 5 development goals: Light Up and Power Africa, Feed Africa, Industrialize Africa, Integrate Africa, and improve the quality of life for the people of Africa.

“We have increased the quality and speed of our operations, we are more present in partner countries and our impact on development is growing stronger,” said Swazi Tshabalala, acting senior vice president and chief financial officer.

A year of transformative impact

Among the findings in 2019, 20.3 million people benefited from the improved agriculture in Africa through operations supported by the Bank. In Uganda, for example, the Bank’s support for the Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Program promotes farmers’ incomes through agricultural processing initiatives, and better access to markets, which benefits 2.4 million rural households.

In other High 5 areas, the Bank’s operations helped install 291 MW of new power – 60% of which is renewable – and provided 468,000 people with new electricity connections. It also affected 1 million people through private sector-invested businesses, 17.7 million people through better transport services and 10.1 million people through improved access to water and sanitation.

The Bank has always been a strong supporter of regional integration in Africa through support aimed at catalyzing public and private investment in the connection of roads, transport and electricity. For example, in 2019, the Bank helped build or restore transport links between Burundi, Rwanda and the East African community; between Ethiopia and Kenya; and between Kenya and Tanzania.

“We need to build on our strengths as a development agency and improve the quality and impact of our operations so that Africa can achieve the sustainable development goals by 2030,” said Simon Mizrahi, Director of Delivery, Performance Management and Results at the Bank. .

The Bank has worked intensively through its presence in 41 countries to bring its operations closer to its customers, to respond more effectively to the needs of countries and to better manage its operations.

The growing foothold of the Covid-19 global property in Africa is shifting the priorities of governments. These projects and the Bank’s new Covid-19 response facility will support African countries and businesses through the crisis.

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