Huawei’s involvement in delivering a broadband Africa35NordDigital event, 19 November 2020 – As the FORUM CEO of AFRICA organizes webinars dedicated to business leaders operating in partnership with Huawei in Africa, the latest webinar ‘delivery’ of ‘Broadband Africa’, with the participation of Hou Hou Tao, Global Vice President of Huawei, and Lu Libo, President of Network Marketing & Solution Sales of Huawei. Read more “

Digital event, 19 November 2020 As the FORUM CEO, FORUM, organizes webinars dedicated to business leaders working in Africa in collaboration with Huawei, the latest webinar includes ‘the delivery of a broadband Africa’, with the participation of mr. Hold Tao, global vice president of Huawei, and mr. Lu Libo, president of network marketing and solution sales at Huawei.

The webinar had a balanced presence of guests from both private and public spheres, highlighting how digitization can offer Africa great value in terms of access to education, employment and medical care, especially in the context of COVID-19 According to the World Bank, up to $ 100 billion is needed to bridge the connection gap in Africa by 2030. Amid the anti-pandemic ‘new’ normality ‘, rapid investment in digital technology and digital infrastructure has become the immediate priority for African economies. to bounce back.

For Africa, a rapid and smooth deployment of broadband is the priority in the short term, while in the long term we need to focus on building connectivity from high quality experiences. Questions about the affordability and regulation of the telecommunications environment were raised by Mr. Hamadoun Touré, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy of Mali, as the price of broadband plays an important role in terms of penetration, especially for countries that do not land. Another issue is the question of how the legal ecosystem governs the entry of competing operators and constructions. Aurélie Adam Soulé, Minister of Digital Economy and Communications in Benin, added how the digitalisation of public administration and procedures can help provide clarity to businesses and operators, creating the conditions for a great digital ecosystem in every African country . These issues were addressed throughout the discussion by private sector actors, who discussed their solutions, such as building submarine cables or providing internet connections to rural areas. This public-private webinar environment has shown that technological advances, put together in a pan-African effort, could catalyze the industrial and social growth of Africa.

Mr. Lu Libo, President of Network Marketing and Solutions Sales at Huawei, emphasized that: “In recent years, we have seen many projects related to submarine cables, fiber optic networks and multinational fiber backbone networks, such as the CAB (Central Africa) Backbone project several West and Mid-African countries are interconnected.Recently we have also seen how fiber networks connect families and businesses in some countries in Africa.For these major projects we have the cooperation of the governments and the operators together with all the participants to the industry, all participants agreed that cooperation would be the key to delivering a broadband Africa in the near future.

In conclusion, Mr. Hou Tao, Huawei’s global vice president, emphasizes that ‘60% of Africans are still not connected to mobile or fixed internet. Yet, with the COVID-19 pandemic, broadband connections have never been so important. It is time to act quickly and radically to bring universal, affordable and reliable broadband network to Africa ”. Mr. Hou Tao added that Huawei is a long-term close partner in continuously delivering high-performance, reasonably priced products and services to every Afrikaner in order to create an intelligent, connected world in which Africa demonstrates competence and resilience ”.

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