NGO offers scholarship to 5,000 Afrikaans students

Africa Skills Center (ASC), a non-governmental organization, has announced the awarding of scholarships and other incentives to 5,000 African-American students from the three sub-regions where it currently resides.

The ASC is the largest online training center in Africa, with physical offices in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

The organization said it would implement the scholarship award program in Nigeria, in collaboration with the Nigeria Excellence Awards organization, which currently covers South West, South East, South South and North Central geo-political zones.

The awards for excellence in Nigeria are with the code SNEAWARDS.

Pastor Honey Olawale, ASC Chief Executive Officer and Coordinator of Excellence Awards in Nigeria, Pastor Honey Olawale, told THISDAY in Abeokuta, Ogun, the gesture was conspired against needy students and whizkids in need of moral assistance.

“This is only the starting point, because we are determined to harness our global goodwill to develop human resources among our youth on the African continent.

‘We want students with a weak background who are willing to pursue a high class education but are limited by their circumstances to realize their dreams.

“The same goes for the whizkids, who need certain career tools and exposure to accomplish their evolutionary quest; because we will be there for them,” he said excitedly.

The ASC, he added, also offers 22 students covered from the field of Nigeria Excellence Awards, approximately 22 different skills acquisition courses, with professional lecturers from different countries.

According to him, the award and matriculation of new vocational students will be presented on 26 November 2020 (today) in the conference center of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

“The matriculation lecture is presented by the immediate former Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Savior, Ede, Prof. Debo Adeyewa.

‘This is the official start of the skills acquisition needs in Africa.

“During the COVID-19 exclusion, many people were stranded without extra skill. As Africans, we must look inward and try to develop our natural talents,” Olawale, who also serves as chairman of the SNEAWARDS selection committee, said.


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