Namibians pay homage to soccer player Maradona

The death of Argentine footballer Diego Maradona has caused scenes of mourning around the world, and Namibians have paid tribute to one of the greatest footballers of all time.

The 1986 World Cup winner, a national hero in his homeland and a global icon who uses football as a tool to address pressing social and political issues, died on Wednesday at the age of 60 after a heart attack.

Brave Warriors assistant coach, and one of Namibia’s football greats Robert Nauseb, was one of the first to pay tribute to Maradona, saying that the late Argentine football legend lived and that his whole life was dedicated to the growth of world football, not only in his country.

“Despite the everyday politics surrounding Maradona, the man was a legend and had an indirect impact on the careers of many football stars today. I got to know him through football and I had to love him as a football player, and she positive impact on the growth of world football is undeniable.It’s really a sad moment for world football but as I said he contributed a lot to the game and maybe it was time for him to rest.It is indeed an icon and he was bigger than just football, “said Nauseb. , a Kaizer Chiefs legend and former member of the 1998 pioneering Brave Warriors class.

Former Brave Warriors gaffer Ricardo Mannetti also paid tribute to the Argentine legend, saying Maradona brought something special to the field that most modern players do not have, and that was his charisma.

‘I think beyond his unparalleled skills and talent as a footballer, I think the one thing that made Maradona stand out from the rest was his charisma, and that’s something I hardly see in today’s players. The way Maradona would celebrate his goals, his puns on and off the field, and just his ability to deal with people worldwide was incredible. He brought a new dimension to Argentine football and also changed the way Italian football was seen in those years. If you look at a star player like Messi for he is highly gifted, has scored many goals and broken all sorts of records, but there is one thing you can not compare to the legendary Maradona, that is charisma. Maradona was more than just a football player, he was a global icon and his career exceeded many life limits. His departure is really sad news and world football has lost a lot of time, “the Cosafa Cup coach said in 2015.


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