Ethiopia: UNHCR Negotiates Access to Refugees in Tigray

Cape Town — This breakthrough comes as Eritrean refugees trapped in the Tigray region have run out of food and other basics, according to the UNHCR. The organisation also expressed concern over “unconfirmed reports of attacks, abductions and forced recruitment at the refugee camps”.

Humanitarian and media access to region has been blocked since the conflict began on November 4.

In addition, one of the nine executive committee members of Tigray People’s Liberation Front Keria Ibrahim has surrendered, according to reports.

Keria had served as speaker of the House of Federation, Ethiopia’s upper parliamentary chamber, and was Tigray Region’s Head of Civil Service and a Chief Administrator of Debub Misraqawi Zone.

The conflict began after regional authorities held elections despite a federal government directive to postpone polls due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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