Namibia: Top Judicial Officer Faces Sexual Harassment Charges

A senior female judicial officer at Keetmanshoop may find herself in the dock after being accused of sexual harassment.

Chrispin Mubebo, //Kharas police crime investigations coordinator confirmed that charges of sexual harassment, indecent assault, assault by threatening and crimen injuria were laid against the officer on Monday.

He said a court orderly, stationed at Karasburg, laid the charges against the senior officer.

The orderly, in an affidavit seen by The Namibian, alleged that the officer, while doing relief duties last Friday at the Karasburg Magistrate’s Court, sexually harassed, indecently assaulted, and threatened to assault him while performing his duties as a court orderly.

He says the senior judicial officer grabbed his penis and pulled him towards her, saying she wanted to “taste a tall d*ck”.

This, he alleged, happened in the courtroom when he took the officer warrants of detention to sign.

“It was only the two of us in the courtroom when this happened, and I asked her to stop, since I am a married man and her junior,” the affidavit states.

The orderly further accused the officer of having thrown the warrants of detention in his face, telling him he was “stupid and will see”.

“She said I would regret what I did . . ,” the affidavit reads.

The orderly claims the senior officer told him he a was a “stupid penis” and allegedly asked him why he could not just “f*ck already”.

He says when he replied that he is a married man, the senior officer retorted: “You are just a f*ck*n sergeant with nothing; I could have given you everything.”

The court orderly also stated in his affidavit that he intends to pursue a civil litigation case against the officer.

He claimed she, while confronting him about a suspect who allegedly escaped from custody, accused him of being corrupt and not fit to be a court orderly.

Mubebo on Monday confirmed that a charge of aiding a suspect to escape from custody was opened against the court orderly.

“The case against the senior judicial officer registered by the court orderly appears to be a counter-move,” he said.

Ockert Jansen, deputy director of public relations in the Office of the Judiciary, confirmed the senior judicial officer is not at liberty to speak to the media.

Jansen said the Magistrates’ Commission has not received an official complaint concerning the magistrate in question.

“If such is received, the commission has in place procedures to verify allegations and follow due process,” he added.


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