Zimbabwe: Mafume Remanded in Custody

Harare mayor Jacob Mafume was yesterday denied bail on the basis that his lawyer was not truthful in the bail application and that he was likely to interfere with investigations.

Rejecting the application for bail, Deputy Chief Magistrate Mrs Bianca Makwande yesterday said: “Although it was established that four witnesses had their statements recorded, it was also said there are other things that need to be verified from a witness, Plaxedes Koke. It will be in the best interest of justice to allow police to complete their investigations without interference.”

Prosecutor, Mr Panganayi Chiutsi, opposed the granting of bail to Mafume, saying he was likeMafume Remanded in Custodyly to interfere with witnesses, who were council employees and that since the State had a strong case against him, he was likely to evade trial once freed.

To support the argument for refusal of bail, Mr Chiutsi called the investigating officer, Superintendent Joseph Sirimhindi, to testify.

The senior police officer told the court that Mafume “holds the highest office at City of Harare and he is likely to interfere with witnesses there”.

Mafume, who was being represented by Mr Tonderai Batasara in his bail application told the court that he had no access to the witnesses, as most of them were suspended, and in any case none reported to him.


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