Southern Is Africa Overtaking The Middle East As The New Jihadist Battleground?

SADC leaders were presented “with a ‘shopping list’ of military equipment which Mozambique wanted to fight the insurgency, rather than the coherent plan they were expecting,” at an extraordinary SADC summit on 27 November, according to Peter Fabricius in the _Daily Maverick_ (30 Nov. [11]) President Filipe Nyusi did not
attend, but sent Defence Minister Jaime Neto and Interior Minister Amade Miquidade – whose soldiers and police are actually fighting the war.

SADC only decided to meet again, still wanting to see Mozambique’s long-awaited detailed plan.  This “slanderous news” is from “The Daily Maverick, a group associated
with white industrial capital, was very interested in this shopping list.” These are “people interested in this insurgency… because they want to profit from it. … Not having succeeded, it [Daily Maverick] was frustrated” writes Egidio Vaz on his website Noticias de Defesa (in English)
[12] Vaz is widely seen as a praise singer for President Nyusi.

“It was good that Mozambique did not present a concrete strategy to the [meeting]. First, because this strategy would then fall into the handsempty body of enemies like Daily Marverick. It was proved that that meeting was porous, full of people who keep no secrets. Imagine if Mozambique had delivered such a strategy, it would be in the newspapers the next day, accessible even to terrorists. Second, because that was not what SADC asked for. SADC asked for exactly what the Mozambican delegation delivered. Call it a shopping list or not,” writes Vaz.

Vaz notes that initially “the Mozambican state did not even present a shopping list. To the displeasure of the SADC technicians, it presented general needs, so that in SECRET and bilaterally Mozambique and its sister countries could go into details, far from prying eyes.”


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