Zimbabwe: Harare HR Boss Chingombe Re-Arrested

As the fight against corruption continues, Harare City Council human capital director Cainos Chingombe spent less than 24 hours as a freeman after having been freed by the courts on Thursday before being re-arrested yesterday at Town House.

Special Anti-Corruption Unit head Mr Tabani Mpofu confirmed the arrest.

A well-placed source at Town House said Chingombe was picked up in the afternoon at the council offices.

“He was picked while having a heads of department meeting. Information at hand is that Chingombe was arrested on similar charges that he appeared for before the courts,” said the source.

“The way the matter was handled seems to be questionable as the courts were alleged to have demanded documentary evidence at the initial stage of remand.”

Chingombe, who was jointly charged with suspended finance director Tendai Kwenda on criminal abuse of office charges, had been freed on Thursday after successfully challenging their placement on remand.

The duo was alleged to have awarded themselves allowances and retrenchment packages, a move deemed not in tandem with good corporate governance. But through their lawyer Professor Lovemore Madhuku, the duo challenged their placement on remand, saying the State’s allegations were incomplete. Prof Madhuku argued that the State, led by Mr Taddy Kamuriwo, had a defective charge sheet.

“They also made an error when charging the accused with fraud. There is no reasonable suspicion made by the State on the charges,” he said.

In his response, Mr Kamuriwo told the court that Chingombe and Kwenda allegedly committed the offence as they acted outside the dictates of their duties.

Harare regional magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa, in her ruling, said the State failed to establish a nexus between Chingombe, Kwenda and fraud allegations, which she described as incomplete and meaningless.


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