South Africa: The Barefoot Economist – Let’s Put 2020 to Bed and Bring in a 2021 of Restorative Economics

Imagine a primary sector which, instead of mining resources, grows resources for both the current and future generations? A primary sector that uses resources as old as the mountains not for short-term gain, but for long-term societal wellbeing. Our future, individually and collectively, depends on it.

Every sunrise, every fresh puff of air carries with it the message: it is time, time for rest, time for respite – it is time for a break. It is like that moment when you realise that you MUST tell the tantrum-throwing screaming toddler that it is ENOUGH: 2020, it is bedtime. Neither do we desire nor need any punishment from you any further, unlock yourself from us. We are seeking a break, a holiday, from your mental, physical, financial and emotional chastisement.

We are tired of lockdown, tired of being bullied, tired of being told what we may or may not do, tired of being told what is in our best interest. Tired of computer algorithms deciding what we might like to see or do. Tired of the harassment received from the high and mighty. Tired of the plethora of fake news, deception, lies and conspiracies. Tired of being controlled. Tired of seeing…


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