Tanzania: Stamico Wins Award in Indonesia

THE State Mining Corporation (STAMICO) has upped its international opportunities after winning the 4th Appreciation Award from Indonesia 2020, voted as the best business partner in the mining industry.

Presenting the award in Dar es Salaam over the weekend, the Indonesian Ambassador to Tanzania Prof Ratlan Pardede said the recognition was a high display of how Tanzania has improved its mining industry to accommodate business partners in a winwin situation.

The ambassador commended STAMICO for their sincere efforts in developing partnership with PT.Timah institution, at a time many countries shy off as a result of Covid-19 challenges.

He said that this was a sincere commitment that reflects the agency’s commitment in attracting investors to the country’s mining sector.

To further cement their relationship with Tanzania in the mining industry, Prof Pardede signed a Memorandum of Understanding with STAMICO that would enhance the agency in acquiring professionals to further tap various areas in the industry, which might be lying idle.

“This award to STAMICO is a sign that the agency is opening doors to also help local small-scale miners by connecting them with investors. I hope the small-scale miners will improve their operations with investors’ skills and uplift their small-scale mining industry that for a long time has been seen as a poor sector,” he said.

He promised to continue working with STAMICO in order to improve the mining industry in the country, adding that his country will also invite the agency’s experts to visit their mining institutions to gain additional experience.

STAMICO was awarded the prize out of four institutions as a result of active contributions and cooperation to partner with investors from Indonesia.

Speaking at the ceremony, STAMICO Acting Managing Director, Dr Venace Mwasse thanked the Indonesian embassy for recognising their contribution and willing to invest in the mining sector.

He said the award would motivate them and transform STAMICO into a global business and expansion company worth relying on in the industry.

Dr Mwasse said STAMICO has a long-term strategic partnership with the Indonesian Mining Corporation, PT.Timah that also led to signing of an MoU to transform the mining sector especially through various projects in Kyerwa District.

The partnership has opened doors for the mineral experts from the Indonesian Mining Corporation to come in Tanzania to explore investment sites and successfully take samples of tin and gold mines sent to a local mining laboratory under the geological and research agency- GST in Dodoma for further assessments.

Speaking on future goals for the agency, Dr Mwasse said that there are still many strategies linking them with Indonesia, citing the areas as mining tin that will start soon.

“There is a plan to visit experts at the PT. Timah Institute in Indonesia following the invitation we have received from the beginning of this year. “We will also strengthen the tin mining project to improve the market for these minerals which, we believe will stimulate the growth of tin mining and improve the living conditions of small-scale miners in the business,” he added.

However, the Acting Managing Director was optimistic that given the pace set by President John Magufuli to improve and attract investors in the country, the mining industry’s future was bright and urged other countries to follow Indonesia in such cooperation.


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