Somalia: U.S. Fires Two Airstrikes Against Al-Shabaab in Lower Juba

The U.S. military says it conducted two airstrikes in the vicinity of Jilib 112KM south to Kismaayo in Lower Juba region on Thursday.

A statement from the U.S. Africa Command said the two airstrike Alshabab militants who were known to play important roles in producing explosives.

“The initial assessment indicates the strike killed terrorists who were known to play important roles in producing explosives for al-Shabaab, to include vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VBIEDs),” the statement read in part.

“These devices are used frequently to target innocent civilians. Although initial assessment of impact is ongoing, it is assessed no civilians were injured or killed,”

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The airstrike comes less than a week after US President Donald Trump has ordered the US Department of Defense and AFRICOM to withdraw troops from Somalia early next year.

It is not yet clear how many US troops will be withdrawn from Somalia, but the Department of Defense appears to be suggested that all US troops be relocated to other parts of Africa, as well as other regional bases.

The Pentagon says it will still be able to carry out targeted counter-terrorism operations in Somalia, collect preliminary warnings and potential threats to the United States.

About 700 US troops are in Somalia in the fight against Al-Shabab group which is affiliated to Alqaeda and is fighting in Somalia to topple the central government.

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