Southern Africa: This is What You’d Pay to Meet Fugitive, Self-Proclaimed Prophet Bushiri

Cape Town — Self-proclaimed prophet, Shepherd Bushiri from Malawi and his wife Mary, of the Enlightened Christian Gathering church, are facing charges of corruption and money laundering totalling over U.S.$6 million in South Africa. They are fugitives from justice after violating their bail conditions and fleeing to their home country Malawi, claiming that “their lives were in danger”. They also set conditions for their return to South Africa, including that their bail should not be revoked. The Bushiris appeared in a Malawi court and were free to go, after the magistrate said their arrest in Malawi was illegal.

Now the couple have hatched another business plan – an International Visitor’s Programme over the New Year, from from Friday January 1 to Monday January 4, 2021, where, at U.S.$467, excluding travel costs from South Africa to Malawi, followers can meet him face-to-face. The package includes accommodation for the three-day trip, and meals too. According to The Citizen, Bushiri was boasting that more than 200 hotels in Malawi are already been fully booked since his announcement of the event.

So, followers intent on lining the pockets of the self-proclaimed prophet better hurry, as South African authorities have issued an extradition request that is waiting for Malawi’s Minister of Homeland Security Richard Banda’s signature. Once done, the order will be submitted to the courts to issue an arrest warrant for the pair, according to Minister of Information Gospel Kazako. He added that this decision would rest with the court on whether to issue an arrest warrant or not. That is the gospel truth.

The self-proclaimed prophet is considered one of the most popular on the continent. He came to the attention of South African authorities with his purchases of a jet, flashy cars, including a spanking new Maserati Levante for his four-year-old daughter, and property that was confiscated after the pair’s “great escape”. Bushiri and his Enlightenment Christian Gathering church also came under scrutiny for claims of orgies and rape.

According to TimesLive, the National Prosecuting Authority’s Sipho Ngwema said: “We shall follow developments in Malawi with keen interest. We are confident that, eventually, nothing should stay in the way of the Bushiris being back in South Africa to face our credible and independent justice system.

Another concern for Justice Minister Ronald Lamola is how the Bushiris escaped. This is a matter for the South African authorities to investigate but it was reported that they had help from corrupt police officials.


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