Zimbabwe: Tsvangirai MP Son Backs Mwonzora, Savages ‘Liars’ Khupe, Mudzuri

LATE MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s son, Vincent has revealed he was behind MDC-T secretary general Douglas Mwonzora’s bid to land the MDC-T presidency, while dismissing the ambitious politician’s challengers as liars.

In a letter shared Wednesday, the youth legislator labels presidential contenders Elias Mudzuri and acting leader Thokjozani Khupe as liars for what he perceived as fake love for his late father.

The MDC-T is set to hold its Extraordinary Congress (EOC) this month for purposes of electing a substantive leader to replace Tsvangirai, just over two years after his sad passing from colon cancer.

The defiant Glen View South lawmaker had no kind remarks for Mudzuri whom he said had a tendency of sleeping during party meetings yet promising to re-energise party structures.

He bases his support for Mwonzora on his principles and similar traits to his father who led the original MDC in 1999 upon formation.

“I support Douglas Mwonzora for President of the MDC-T because I believe in his vision for the party and the country.

“DM is a politician who reminds me a lot of some of my late father’s attributes; he is strategic in his planning, he is not selfish, he is seen as both a brotherly and fatherly figure by supporters (famously known as Mukoma Dhagi), he is kind but firm, he is principled, he is not corrupt,” he said.

Speaking his mind… Vincent Tsvangirai

Tsvangirai added he was disgusted by Khupe’s continued claims she was in good books with his late father while her reputation has been dented beyond repair for someone vying for opposition leader.

Said Tsvangirai: “Now while she (Khupe) may have her good qualities here and there, her reputation the last 6-7 years has undoubtedly become unbecoming of someone who wants to become the president of a democratic party.

“She rebelled against MT and showed no sign of respect to her president going as far as to point her finger in his face and shouting at him using his first, the lie that she peddles saying she shared a nice relationship with MT even to his death always leave a bitter taste in my mouth and reminds me why politicians are always viewed in bad light.”

Tsvangirai dumped the Nelson Chamisa led MDC Alliance which won him his parliamentary seat following the death of Vimbai, another Tsvangirai sibling who died in a car crash.

The Supreme Court in March this year nullified Chamisa’s leadership of the main opposition declaring the politician used unconstitutional means to land the top opposition job.

The court ordered MDC to revert back to the party’s 2014 structures to choose a substantive leader to the late former Prime Minister.

In his letter, Vincent goes on to dismiss Mudzuri’s claims Tsvangirai left the party in his hands before Chamisa’s palace coup.

“Like Chamisa, Mudzuri peddles the lie that Tsvangirai left him the MDC-T, he forgets that MDC is a democratic party where a leadership position is not left to a particular person but is democratically elected.

“He likes to call himself a unifier but exposes himself as a hypocrite when he and his people conduct smear campaigns against other candidates and those who support them,” he said.

“Mudzuri sleeps at meetings yet wants to energise the base for 2023.”

However, Vincent spares Komichi of the vitriol, only saying the Senator struggles to convince people to vote for him and has a tainted image from 2018 when he imposed candidates for the MDC Alliance, their electoral vehicle then.


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