Kenya: Music is My Source of Happiness – Ricki Stunner

China-based Kenyan singer, dancer, and dance choreographer Ricki Stunner has released the video to his brand new dance song ‘Chakara’.

The afro-beats laced song is produced by Nigerian producer FroTribe and appears to have been well received by the singer’s fans in this festive season.

‘Chakara’ is the name of a Dance Style created by Pato Dave and Ricki Stunner, who are both dancers from Kenya living in China. The vibe of the whole song is dance and hype.

The Afro-beats’ feel in the song came about as he tried to be diverse in his music and work with different people just for the love of music.

Today he talks to Nairobi News about his music journey.

Who is Ayan Karanu Mburu?

Ayan AKA Ricki Stunner is a recording artist, dancer, dance choreographer born and raised in Nakuru,in Kenya. I have been a dancer for the better part of my entertainment career where I recently and finally focused on my music career.

Growing up what did you want to become?

I had high dreams of being a doctor (laughs) but after high school things just changed but anyways now I still feel like a doctor because I’m still giving fans out their good music to heal the soul. Lol!

Let’s first talk about your dancing career.

I started a dancing crew named Carribean Dance Crew way back in high school around 2011 then after completing I regrouped my team and focused on growing my dance skills and managing my team.

During my dancing career me and my team were able to work with big brands like Safaricom for the longest time. In 2017 my team won the Safaricom BLAZE (BYOB) top creative act under Creative Arts Pod.

We’ve also worked alongside various big artists and dancers in Kenya in terms of shows and video production.

Have you always been interested in music?

Music has been my source of happiness ever since I was young. I would actually ask for a chance to go up on roadshow trucks to sing other people’s songs which I wasn’t so dope LOL! But anyway, the confidence was on another level (hahaha).

Why did you become a recording artiste?

My love for music drove me to this. I actually listen and vibe so much to any good music. As I was growing up I would write simple lyrics and flow to my family and friends and they really liked it, but I always got delayed to start my music road due to my full involvement in dance but always as I danced I felt like I wanted to express myself more so I felt this is the right time for me to do it.

Did you write Chakara? Why Chakara? Why now?

Yes! I wrote the whole song.

I get this question a lot and people ask what Chakara means. Well chakara is basically a name of a dance move created by Pato Dave, a Kenyan dancer living in China, and I. I don’t explain much on this because chakara is just a straightforward name of a dance style and well the word sounded African so I vibed with it.

I did this song at this time because after everything the world is going through right now with the pandemic and stuff I felt the need to let people do some Chakara and Chakara away the pandemic and fears. It’s all about remaining positive for a better tomorrow.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your current releases?

Shooting a video in China is a little bit challenging, because of many factors like language barrier and locating the best guys to work with in projects because of the fact that Chinese style of music is different from what I’m doing, so this caused me some delays.

What can we expect from you within the next 6 months? Any releases planned?

I must admit I’m quite new to the game, but I’m not planning to come in soft. Chakara is just the beginning of something big I’ve started. I have already finished 2 big projects that I can’t really wait to release. I will be releasing as soon as possible and for the next 6 months for me is all about giving out good music more and more and hoping God bless the hustle.

What sets your music apart? What is unique, or at least uncommon?

Firstly, my type of music is more of a party, club banger kind of feel, where I infuse Kenyan Vibes with Afro vibes together both lyrically and also when it comes to my beats it’s also more of an urban Afro feel.

And being a dancer, my songs and simply dance songs, so all this together I feel push me on the spot and makes my style unique

What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

The freedom to express myself freely and happily and seeing this turns out to make people out there happy. The feeling is priceless.

When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

My purpose is just to express myself fully in the simplest way that I could but at the same time see my music bringing happiness and fresh vibes to my fans and just anyone out there listening to me.

Any plans for a collabo with Kenyan artiste, If yes, who and why?

I have so much respect for many Kenyan artists of different styles since I am a general music lover.

Musically I’ve always been listening to people like Nai boi, Khaligraph, Sauti sol, Otile Brown just to mention a few, but I would really be really pleased If I jumped on a jam with Nai boi. I truly love his style of music and sound.

Future plans?

Make more and more hit songs with no hesitation. And focus on growing my brand.

What is one message you would give to your fans?

I’m by all means thankful to all my fans out there and to every person who believes in my dream and keeps pushing me. I really cannot do this fully without the help of my fans and love. And I do love them back. I will make sure I’m always working hard towards giving my fans more refreshing entertainment.


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