Ethiopia: Banks Donate 200 Million Birr for ENDF, Displaced

Ethiopian Bankers’ Association (EBA) has donated over 200 million Birr, the largest sum which has so far been provided by a single entity, for the victorious Ethiopian Defense Forces (ENDF) and for the rehabilitation of displaced people due to unrest.

EBA’s President Abe Sano handed the stated sum for ENDF Foreign Relations Head, Colonel Yunus Mulu.

Attending the event as a guest of honor, Addis Ababa City Administration Deputy Mayor Adanech Abebe expressed appreciation for the noble contribution member banks of the EBA have made to support government’s law enforcement operation.

All the 16 privately-owned banks as well as the state-run financial giant, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) and government’s policy bank, Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) are taking part in the support.

Abe, who is also President of CBE, said that the bank has a lion’s share in the donation, contributing 100 million Birr. Meanwhile, DBE availed 10 million Birr for the nationwide campaign.

By the same token, private banks have witnessed strong participation to support the national army. Accordingly, Awash, Dashen, Abyssinia, Hibret and Cooperative Bank of Oromia has donated 10 million Birr each. Nib International, Zemen, Anbessa International, Oromia International as well as Berhan bank has contributed five million Birr each.

Also, Wegagen, Abay, Addis International, Enat, Buna International and Debub Global bank has financed 2.5 million Birr each for ENDF. Ethiopian Insurance Corporation, the main insurer firm in the country, on its part has provided five million Birr, it was learnt.


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