Western Sahara: SPLA Conducts New Attacks On Moroccan Forces’ Entrenchments

BIR LAHLOU (Liberated Sahrawi Territories)- The units of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) conducted new attacks targeting the positions and entrenchments of the Moroccan occupation’s forces along the wall of the shame, the Sahrawi Defense Ministry said on Friday.

The ministry underlined in its communiqué n 29, quoted by the Sahrawi news agency SPS, that “intense attacks were conducted on Thursday and Friday by our army, targeting large sections of the Moroccan wall of shame.”

“Yesterday, SPLA’s units bombed positions of the Moroccan occupier, targeting bases in the region of Tenouchad in the sector of Mehbes and the positions of the enemy in the region of Amekli Nabka, known as Amekli Atechtara in the sector of Amekli.”

The Sahrawi army also targeted today “positions of the occupier’s soldiers in the region of Rous Chaidamia in the sector of Mehbes, as well as in the area of Khenka Chaidamia in the same sector,” added the source.

SPLA’ units continue their attacks against the forces of the Moroccan occupier that sustained significant human and material losses along the wall of the shame,” concluded the source.


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