Ethiopia: Ambassador Henok Teferra Addresses French Parliament On Current Situations in Ethiopia

Ambassador of Ethiopia to France, Henok Teferra Shawl, appeared before the parliament of France on Tuesday to address issues related to current situations in Ethiopia.

He spoke at length about the unruly behaviors of the TPLF clique that tested the extreme patience of the Ethiopian government.

He underlined that the government of Ethiopia was compelled to carry out the law enforcement operation following the TPLF clique’s heinous and criminal attack on the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces.

Ambassador Henok further expounded on the latest developments in the region after the conclusion of the law enforcement operation.

He said the government is fully engaged with rehabilitation and restoration works and working closely with the interim government of Tigray to restore administrative structures in the region.

Ambassador Henok also addressed the French parliament on the government-led humanitarian activities that include the participation of international organizations and aid agencies in addressing the needs of affected people, as to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ethiopian herald December 13/2020


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