Cameroon: National Handball Championship – Duc Dschang On Honour Roll

They emerged with the highest goals after Day 2 matches were played across the national territory on December 12, 2020.

Day 2 matches of the National Handball Championship, which were played on December 12, 2020 across the national territory, saw twelve teams in both the mal and female categories competing to carry the Day. DUC Dschang who played against A.S Bamboutos of Mbouda in Dschang succeeded to score 46 goals; which is the highest in all Day 2 matches. A.S Bamboutos struggled to net 32 goals. This is the second defeat of Bamboutos of Mbouda as they were trashed by FANZ Yaounde 38-25 goals on the first day of the competition.

In Younde, four matches were on agenda. FANZ Women beat Tigresses of Batchenga 41-27. Tigresses of Batchenga did not make any significant improvement as they scored the same 21 goals in their last encounter against Dynamique of Bokito on the first day of the competition. Tigresses has lost its two matches meanwhile FANZ women won their first match after being defeated by FAP women on the first day of the competition. FAP men on day 2 won their second game against Mvila 42-22. Mvilla has not succeeded to make any win so far as they were defeated by MINUH Yaounde 30-23 on the first day of the competition. FANZ men trashed University of Douala 31-14 goals. This is FANZ’s second victory of the competition. A.S Vita was trashed by PHOENIX Douala 29-26.

In Douala, FAP Yaounde women consolidated their second victory against Ngondikam handball club 37-18. With this overwhelming victory, fans are forecasting another mind-blowing success in the match against Tigresses of Batchenga on the third day of the competition scheduled for December 19, 2020.


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