Zimbabwe: Youths Challenged to Set a New Business Culture in Zim

A senior Anglican church cleric has challenged young people in Manicaland to earn a living through ethical business practices noting that the current economic hardships facing Zimbabwe were a trade-off from older generations’ selfish pursuit of power and wealth.

Anglican church Reverend Joseph Waziweyi said this during an opening devotion of Manicaland’s Impact Business, Leadership and Economic Youth Empowerment Summit held at St Johns Cathedral last week.

The youth summit which was facilitated by Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) ran under the theme dubbed : Fostering Youth Participation in Building a United, Peaceful, Just and Prosperous Zimbabwe.

Due to high levels of unemployment in Zimbabwe most youths are earning a living through underhand dealings like drug peddling, smuggling and many other corrupt activities.

Waziweyi challenged church youths to utilize all opportunities at their disposal and venture into mining since there were vast gold deposits in Manicaland province.

“There are many opportunities in mining and farming in Manicaland from which youths can venture into through startups. People are making a lot of money through mining hence church youths must establish their syndicates and apply for gold claims.

“Macademia nuts farming is also an initiative that can be utilized. Rather than selling drugs you can also earn a living through innovative ethical business initiatives,” he said.

Waziweyi said contemporary youths were following the trail of elderly people while abandoning good and exemplary practices in their communities.

“Some of the people we think are exemplary in Zimbabwe are not good examples, for instance the much hyped late Ginimbi. Where was he getting all that money from and he was allegedly evading duty for his imperial fleet of cars.

“As Christians we must lead by example and work hard in a transparent and accountable manner. Let us embark on ethical startups so as to ensure a brighter future for our nation at large. Lets not be limited or demoralized by elders so as to realize your full potential,” he said.

The man of cloth urged youths to brighten the future of the country through societal best practices such as transparency, accountability and uprightness.

“I am tempted to say that we are where we are today as a country because us your fathers are very much self centred. In the run up to elections youths are the ones who drum up support for candidates but when politicians assume powerful positions they enjoy benefits with their children and relatives.

” As young people devise ways of generating money through impeccable initiatives as part of efforts to retain a good morals within our communities. If one is poor will become susceptible to abuse by politicians,” said Reverend Waziweyi.

Speaking to this publication on the sidelines of Manicaland Youth summit, Waziweyi challenged youths not to be used as foot soldiers for politicians.

“Contemporary politicians have been holding on to influential positions for donkey years without any zeal to abdicate office. They only want to use youths to gain political mileage but not allowing them to take over.

“Youths must be active political players thereby taking advantage of their huge population to support their own youthful candidates during elections. Rather than waiting to be given space you must demand that space,” said Reverend Waziweyi.

ZCC vice president Bishop Eric Ruwona urged youths to think outside the box, venture into income generating projects and take charge of their lives.

“Youths must not come to church to sing hymns only but to work towards their own economic empowerment. Since there is justice, joy and peace in heaven the same must prevail here on earth.

“Youths must use locally available resources for instance this is a season of Mango therefore youths can then collect seeds and establish nurseries. We can then promote afforestation, fruits businesses and value add mangoes for export purposes,” said Bishop Ruwona.

He expressed deep concern over a small number of youths who have business initiatives in the country.

“Youths are reluctant to establish startups with most economic sectors dominated by adults. Youths only participate during violent demonstrations when they are abused due to poorness.

“Unless if youths take charge and stop promoting old people from assuming influential offices, no one will fight for us,” said Ruwona.


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