Liberia: Big Brabee Liberia Announces 2nd Edition of Reality TV Show Comes Alive in 2021

Monrovia — Organizers of Big Brabee Liberia (BBL), the country’s first ever reality TV show, has announced new dates for the commencement of the second edition of the competition.

The maiden edition of the show climaxed with ‘huge’ success, drama, fame, suspense, controversies and unveiled new celebrities to the Liberia Entertainment Industry and the League of Celebrities, statement from the BBL said.

Now, gearing up for the second edition, BBL says “many modalities have been set up for a much better experience aimed at mending errors of the past as we strengthen ourselves for an unforgettable experience.”

Speaking to FrontPage Africa’s entertainment desk in an exclusive interview, BBL Executive Director, Fred Ola Ola says Team BBL has commenced recruitment of experienced organizing team players as it reshuffle and extends hands to international affiliates for the full Liberian experience.

In addition, the team announced it is also introducing a new and permanent logo for the Big Brabee Liberia franchise.

According to him, in the post-project review of the first edition, it was discovered that 38.2% of the audience are based overseas. Due to this, he says BBL will constitute representatives from major countries, with a higher percentage rate of Liberians, and the names of the new executive officers will be officially published on its pages by January 2021.

Events’ Dates

According to Team BBL, the event starts 2021 beginning with the sales of forms commencing February 12 to April 30, 2020; followed by the online auditions on April 24, 2021. On-site Auditions is May 1, while the much anticipated camping starts from June – July, 2021.

Maiden Edition’s Legacy Lives On

According to the organizers, the maiden edition of the show has no doubt impacted the Liberian Entertainment Industry in all spheres of showbiz and creativity development and promotion. The reality TV show, he noted has showcased Liberia to the rest of the world and raised the country’s profile on the entertainment map.

“It creates a large platform and opportunities for new individuals to be known and to become what they aspired to be. Even though it was the maiden edition, but thank God,” he said.

“As you can see by readings, over 30% of our audiences are those who lives abroad and over 18% of that population are foreigners in which most of them never heard anything like Entertainment about Liberia before”.

He continues: “Even some international social media influencers/blogs rated BBL as the second most well organized and presented in Africa after Big Brother Naija.

In addition to this, we believe BBL has created an eyesore and we are proud of the team that no African TV Reality show maiden edition has been well presented like BBL, even in the midst of lacking sponsorship.”

According to him, BBL has gone far beyond most Liberians’ imagination, with Big Brother Africa organizers seeing the franchise as a future threat to their brand, something he said led to the legal wrangle between BBL and Big Brother Africa’s organizers.

The whole legal scenarios between BBL and Big Brother Africa’s organizer started just few days before the end of the BBL season-1, but thanks to the Liberia Government, our local and international lawyer, league of African Entertainment Union and the Liberia Intellectual Property and African Regional Intellectual Property Organization for their intervention

Winner Tribeau Brown: An Excellent Ambassador

Meanwhile, the BBL boss was full of praise for the winner of the reality show, Tribeau Browne for being an excellent ambassador.

“Tribeau is a good sister to all BBL organizers, a good Ambassador to the Brand and she’s giving BBL good face and excellent representations out there as you can see,” said.

“She’s not just a BBL2020 but already a stakeholder in BBL as the pioneer edition winner.”

According to the organizers, the official car has already been delivered to the winner, and a trip to Dubai early 2021 is pending according to the winner’s schedule.


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