Zimbabwe: Jah Prayzah, Winky D Clash on Stage

Rarely do we have Winky D and Jah Prayzah sharing the stage, but on the few occasions they have done so, comparisons always emerged on who is better.

In the past occasions they have done so, they have been accompanied by other musicians, a move that sort of diluted the comparisons.

This time around, and tomorrow to be precise, Winky D and Jah Prayzah clash at Rainbow Towers in a show that is set to add more impetus on the debate on who is better between them.

The rivalry, though downplayed by both camps, has been rekindled by the two superstars’ respective fan bases.

In what appears to be a curious coincidence, both acts have released songs just before the show, fuelling sentiments that they were both afraid of performing together without new content.

Jah Prayzah on Monday released a single “Porovhoka” with visuals, which he surprisingly described as a meaningless song.

Some fans have received the song with joy, but some with sentiments that Jah Prayzah’s description of the song as meaningless was because he was not sure it would be appreciated.

Then yesterday, Zimdancehall sensation Winky D hinted that today he will be dropping “Ragga Msambo — Triology” at 11am.

Will he do what he did with “Disappear” — drop the banger at the last hour, giving other musicians a run like headless chickens?

Only tomorrow will tell.

Already, one can feel that the competition has started heating up before the Rainbow Towers show.

If handled well, the show has the potential to rank as the biggest since Covid-19 restrictions seriously affected the entertainment industry.

Some have described the show as the “warzone show” because they believe Winky D and Jah Prayzah will be out to prove a point.

From the poster, showing a cowboy like Jay Prayzah, with a stone-faced Winky D on his side, fans can easily deduce what to expect.

With Covid-19 regulations and restrictions, organisers of the show should be extra careful considering that many people would love to attend.

The event is being hosted by Gateway Stream Music in partnership with Kayse Connect.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, the show will be available to fans exclusively on the Gateway Stream Music virtual live streaming Pay Per View (PPV) platform.

The Gateway Stream Music App is the first (PPV) platform in Zimbabwe aimed at musicians and other artistes to enable them to monetise their music enterprise.

“The PPV is a fairly new concept in Zimbabwe which arrived on our doorsteps due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions,” said Ishe Makambira, the Gateway Stream Music Project Manager.

“It enables the artistes to get back to work as currently they cannot host live shows where fans physically attend. PPV enables fans to buy tickets and attend shows online from anywhere where there is access to internet connectivity through live streaming.”

Kayse Connect spokesperson Elton Kurima said they were ready for the show and all security checks had been done.

“The event will go according to plan,” he said. “We have started selling tickets at $50 for the 100 live audience while those who want to watch online will part away with $2. A few fans will get a chance to call in to request a song from any of these two giants.”

“The concert will run for two hours from 6pm to 8pm. Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram have been ablaze since the announcement of the concert, with fans already competing and declaring who will outshine the other. We hope to make the event a memorable one through highlights that will last for decades and decades.”

Award winning, bubbly Star FM radio personality Kudzanai Violet Gwara (KVG) will headline as the show host together with Karen Paida, Napoleon Nyanhi and Prosper “Comic Pastor” Ngomashi.


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