Malawi: Chakwera Talks of More Engagement With the Church, Meets Anglican Leadership

President Lazarus Chakwera has assured the clergy in the country that he will continue to work closely with them in tackling various challenges the country faces.

The President made the pledge on Thursday when he met Anglican Bishops led by Bishop of Northern Malawi who is also the Chairperson of Anglican Council in Malawi Reverend Fanuel Magangani.

Magangani told the media after the meeting that they had covered various social economic issues such as education and health.

He said although his church plays a role in the provision of education in the country, there are many challenges the country is facing in sectors of health and education which need collaboration with all stakeholders to be tackled.

“There are many challenges that we are facing. One such challenge is shortage of infrastructure such as school blocks in primary and secondary schools.

“At the moment, the number of learners is not in line with the available infrastructure which creates a difficult learning environment as not all of them can be accommodated in the classrooms.

“In addition, we also have a challenge in provision of health care, especially in our facilities in the rural areas where it is difficult to retain clinical officers in such areas,” Magangani said, adding that they prefer urban areas.

He said the situation denies people in such areas the access to quality healthcare, hence the need for different partners to work together to find solutions to the challenges.

Presidential Advisor on Religious Affairs, Reverend Brian Kamwendo said the president values the relationship between government and the Church and in particular, the Anglican Church, for their various contributions to the social economic wellbeing of the country.

Reverends, Brighton Malasa, Bishop of Upper Shire, Francis Kaulanda, Bishop of the Diocese of Lake Malawi and Alinafe Kalemba, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Malawi and General Secretary of the Anglican Council in Malawi, Edward Chisala accompanied Magangani on this courtesy call to the President.


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