Zimbabwe: Winky D, Enzo Ishall Drop Singles

Zimdancehall musicians Winky D and Enzo Ishall dropped their singles yesterday accompanied by videos, causing chaos and commotion on social media as the songs received mixed feelings from locals.

But it seems the much anticipated and 24-hour hype of Winky D’s latest offering “Ragga Msambo”, is much ado about nothing, as the song does not live up to expectations.

The “Musarova Bigman” hit-maker must have hurriedly released his project to have something on the plate ahead of today’s show dubbed “Best of both worlds” featuring Jah Prayzah.

Winky D yesterday dropped singles “Ragga Msambo”, “David and Goliath” and “Reply”, which had visuals. The video was directed by Magna Shoca. It has high quality cinematography and a bit of direction, which relates to the love song. The song is rather lukewarm; on the boring side if one may want to be honest. It is not the same Winky D who had the whole nation singing along, “maproblems ese disappear… “

On his new songs, he has surely divided opinion. What Winky D can be accredited for is the good beat, for the mature, if one may say.

Kudos to the United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean producer Jusa Dementor, real name Tawanda Sibotshiwe and Oskid.

Yes, the beats on both songs can make other ragga musicians green with envy, but they will be white as snow after listening to the song.

Winky D wanted to have the same concept he had on “Disappear” dropping a banger.

On “Disappear” he succeeded, and the offering became a Christmas song, but on the latest two, he just dropped pace.

Well, like they say, in music as in life, one needs time, let us just give him a chance.

“Goliath and David” is something that can make the speakers and wires bust because it is a party song.

Winky D did justice on the English version just like what he did on “Green Like Me Garden”.

It is true that every dark cloud has a silver lining, the song,”Goliath and David” also reminds fans of “Rokesheni”, that hardcore type, which Winky D is good at. At least he will have something for Christmas that can be added to the playlists.

On the other hand, Enzo Ishall’s new song “Chidavado”, featuring Prophet Passion Java shows that the talented musician has come of age.

Well, Winky D can now relax as the new school has taken over.

The song is about playing with tricks, like the name says it all, a “Chidavado” is a Shona word that is widely known to mean antics, tricks and skills.

Enzo is familiar with movie-like scripts and is good at that, particularly when it comes to videos.

On listening to the song for the first time, one can simply say he is good at rhyming poetry, but not taking away the cream from the song, the musician has put extra effort on the latest project.

It is also a simple party song with clean lyrics as the musician maintains the ghetto vibe.

Though Enzo Ishall is known for his satire and deeper meaning when it comes to lyrics, sometimes obscene, this time around it seems he has turned a new leaf.


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