Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Blasts Chamisa

ZANU PF has castigated MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa for being a “shameless liar” after the opposition leader tried to blame the Government for the demolitions of houses in the suburb of Budiriro in Harare when in fact it was his party that sanctioned the ill-timed move.

While addressing journalists at the Politburo meeting on Wednesday, acting Zanu PF spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa said Mr Chamisa should not try to hide behind a finger.

“Let me put the record straight, the demolitions were sought and carried out by the MDC-A ran municipality but what surprises us is that Mr Chamisa, fully aware that his council was behind the demolitions went and sought to blame it on the central government, a complete falsehood, a complete lie. The record is very clear”.

Cde Chinamasa said the ruling party had made it clear that they would be no demolitions until and unless alternative accommodation has been found.

“We were not aware that despite those pronouncements on our part, the municipal council of Harare would go ahead, with the blessing of their leader Mr Chamisa and demolish without offering alternative arrangements.

“We are aware that they had gone and sought a court order.

“I want to believe what colleagues of Mr Chamisa say about him that he is opportunistic.

“He lacks moral fibre to accept that they erred in demolishing houses.

“He clearly has no regard for the truth and we condemn this lack of principle in the strongest terms,” Cde Chinamasa said.

Following the demolition of houses in Budiriro, Government has now intervened to provide shelter for the victims of the callous move by the MDC-ran municipality.

Last week, Mr Chamisa, with his hangers-on in tow, visited families whose houses were demolished by the MDC-A controlled council and blamed Government for it.

However, in his own words, Mr Chamisa told a South African television station that his party is seeking to leave a mark in urban centres where it controls, a statement that might have found expression in the recent razing down of houses in the middle of the rainy season.

“We are in charge of 28 municipalities in towns and cities out of the 32, so basically Zanu PF is a party in the rural areas, in the urban areas they are basically there on our own terms because we are the leading party there” Mr Chamisa said.

Mr Chamisa admitted that the MDC-A, which was formerly called the MDC before a series of splits saw offshoots sprouting over the years, has been in charge of a host of local authorities for more than a decade now. Howeve,r critics say the opposition has done little to bring cheer to urbanites who grapple with poor service delivery on a daily basis.

Under the watch of MDC-A Harare has morphed from being the sunshine city into the stench capital, where rivulets of sewage flow freely, while heaps of garbage are a common site, not only in residential suburbs but also in the heart of the city.


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