Ethiopia: UN Releases 35.6 Million USD Humanitarian Assistance

The United Nations has released 35.6 million USD for water, sanitation, medical supplies to civilians in Tigray State.

In Ethiopia, the UN’s emergency funds will help health facilities get medicines, gloves and other supplies to care for the sick and injured, and fund nutrition, drinking water and shelter.

In Sudan, the funding will prioritize life-saving assistance to refugees, including shelter, healthcare and drinking water.

The UN humanitarian chief has released 13 million USD from the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) to help people inside Ethiopia and 5 million USD for refugees newly arrived in Sudan.

On top of this funding, 12 million USD has been released from the UN’s Humanitarian Fund in Ethiopia and 5.6 million USD from the UN’s Sudan Humanitarian Fund.

Women, children, older people and disabled people will be prioritized as the funding is disbursed.


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