Tunisia: Prime Minister Calls for Reworking Composition of Sectoral Committees in Public Enterprises

Tunis/Tunisia — Prime Minister Hichem Méchichi called for renewing the membership of sectoral, consultative, technical and regional committees in public enterprises by January 31 at the latest. This applies to members nominated for more than three years now.

The mode of functioning of several committees does not meet criteria of good governance in connection to composition, selection of members, the membership period and method of action, reads a government circular released last December 30.

The Premier recommended that ministers, secretaries of state, governors and directors of public enterprises and establishments assess the make-up of all committees within their prerogatives and put forward proposals to reduce or change it.

There is need for periodical renewal, Méchichi also said. The membership period must not exceed three years.

The circular spelled out the need to simplify measures and fix shorter deadlines for the consideration of dossiers submitted to committees, in line with an internal guide produced by concerned structures.

The latter seeks to secure respect for the principles of neutrality, equality, transparency and efficiency governing public enterprises, as set out in Article 15 of the Constitution, and reflects the key role of these committees in decision-making within public establishments.


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