Tanzania: Dar Region Tops Revenue Collection

DAR ES SALAAM has outshined other regions, retaining its top spot in revenue collection, which rose by 7 per cent in the first half of this fiscal year, from the same period a year ago, it was revealed on Thursday.

Minister of State (President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government) Mr Selemani Jafo named the best performing regions in revenue collection as Dar es Salaam 89.12bn/-, Dodoma 24.44bn/-, Mwanza 19.56bn/-, Mbeya 19.43bn/- and Coast 18.28bn/-.

He said local authorities had planned to collect 814.96bn/- during 2020/21 financial year, a slight increase from 765.5bn/- it collected a year earlier.

“In the first six months of 2020/21 (July-December councils collected a total of 381.27bn/- an equivalent of 47 per cent of the annual collection target,” he told reporters.

The collections were a result of service levy, produce levy, business operating licence and user fees.

He said Ilala municipality topped other municipals in revenue collection with 30.67bn/-, Kinondoni 21.83bn/-, Dodoma 18.53bn/-, Temeke 17.41bn/- and Arusha 9.39bn/-.

The minister was quick to explain that some district councils were also leading in percentage-wise in revenue collection in line with their annual targets.

They include Masasi (88 per cent), Momba (81 per cent), Njombe (80 per cent), Hanang (75 per cent), and Nachingwea’s 73 per cent.

Mr Jafo warned regional authorities whose revenue collection was below 50 per cent, saying they must improve.

According to official data released by the ministry, some district councils had collected below 25 per cent of their targets. They include Chamwino (23 per cent), Bariadi (23 per cent), Itilima (23 per cent), Longido (18 per cent) and Kishapu (16 per cent).

He urged Regional Commissioners to have a fresh approach that will ensure each district council and region attains the revenue collection target.

He also warned district councils that had not allocated the 10 per cent revenue collection for youths, women and people with disabilities, demanding them to submit a written letter explaining why they should not be taken to task.

“I want that amount released by next month,” he said. Between July and December, three district councils had collected between 80 and 88 per cent and over 100 per cent while other councils collected less than 50 per cent.

According to the Minister, the five underperforming regions are Mara (41 per cent), Tanga (41 per cent), Dodoma (40 per cent), Singida (39 per cent) and Simiyu (36 per cent).

Singida region had collected 6bn/- (39 per cent), Kigoma 4bn/- (43 per cent), Katavi 5bn/- (62 per cent), Simiyu 5bn/- (36 per cent) and Rukwa 4.07bn/- (about 43 per cent).

The Minister announced that the district councils have so far released 22.33bn/- to women, youths and people with disabilities about 35 per cent of the planned 64.46bn/-.

“Fourteen district councils had contributed more than 75 per cent of the annual budget, while 31 councils have provided between 50 and 74 per cent and 87 other councils have issued between 20 and 49 of their budgets,” he said.


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