Liberia: A Call for National Unity and Hard Work

The Coalition for Democratic Change administration is not the only national leadership in today’s world to face up hill battle in her national existence but the recognition of its share of responsibility of the current condition in the country will represent the rewriting of a new page in the annals of history.

lf I may assert, we must accept the condition we inherited and the one we created with renew national commitment to our people and country. The government must not schizo from forces be it real or imagined digressing from the national agenda, (PRO POOR AGENDA) by the incessant glorification of the past and current blame game amongst state actors. Amidst the increasing criticism from the opposition which is a necessary component for democracy anyways is for our administration to encourage same once it guarantees nation building, but we should make much greater strides to foster development and create quality jobs, improve the economy, education, health, agriculture, (bread and butter issue), fight corruption amongst other pressing national priorities.

With limited available resources the challenge is Herculean needless to pretend that it will be easy-going to achieve but together as a prepared and committed popular government of the people with enduring work spirit can translate the current condition into a success story. The administration should conform to durable reform measures compatible with politico, socio-economic stability to satisfy the expectation of not only the masses but the generality of the citizenry.

The government must monster unprecedented courage to make more considerable gains for the benefit of our people. No doubt, if we unite more than ever we will greatly overcome all odds and clear the obstacles and absurdities that drives away national growth and prosperity. No formidable force can crush a united people.

CDC work now while it is day.

National Unity and Hard Work Should Form the Hallmark of Our AGENDA.



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