Tanzania: Govt Plans to Repair Schools, Legislators Told

PLANS are underway in Zanzibar to assess conditions of all schools’ buildings so that the government takes notes on which ones to repair, the House of Representatives was told.

“We have plans to find out the state of all schools’ buildings to identify the ones, which require repairs or new reconstructions,” said Dr Khalid Salum Mohamed, the Minister of State (Second Vice -President) – policy, coordination.

However, he asked the legislators to be patient as the government prepares the plan, which also proposes building new ones.

His statement was in response to concern that some recently built schools and government buildings were substandard, displaying cracks on walls and leaking during the rainy seasons.

According to the Zanzibar House of Representatives probe report, some schools out of 21 new ones built in recent fiscal years were poorly constructed and hence, misused loans from the World Bank.


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